Types of Aliens

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From past to present, we can trace a lot of instances where people reporting their experiences when they encountered or sighted the extraterrestrial life or aliens. The existence of extraterrestrials is still under discussion. Do they really exist? Are they living among us? From where they originated or come. These are the few questions which we are still not sure off.

Following are given some of the few types of these extraterrestrials or aliens depending upon the physical features and characteristics they possess.

Little Green Men

These are considered as the orthodox depiction of the extraterrestrials, i.e. humanoid beings having green skin and antenna on heads. However, the term ‘little green men’ is also used for the gremlins – imaginary beings popular for bringing about problems in airplanes and other mechanical devices.

The term was first coined in 1955 to describe the extraterrestrial creature to which two Kentucky men supposed to encounter with. They explain the creature as a 3-4 feet tall, greenish humanoid creature. After that the creature was given the name little green men by several different newspapers.

Dropa Alien

These were supposed to discover by Chi Pu Tei, a Chinese professor of archeology at Beijing University along with his students somewhere in 1938 while conducting a very detailed routine survey of succession of interlinked caves in the Bayan Kara-Ula – a range of Himalayan Mountains on the border of China and Tibet (Qinghai region).

What the team of explorers found in the caves was rows of neatly arranged graves buried in which an unnaturally spindly bodies, i.e. a short 138 cm skeletons with large, over developed heads. First it was suggested that the skeletons may belong to some species of apes or mountain gorilla but later they realized that these species don’t bury each other dead bodies.

The explorers didn’t find any inscriptions at the graves instead found hundreds of wide stone discs called Dropa Stones. There was a hole in the center of the disc and two fine grooves which were spiraling from the edge of the disc to the hole. These spiraling grooves were actually the closely written character. It took 20 years to decipher the grooves. It was professor Tsum Um Nui who was able to break the code and deciphers the spiral grooves.

Hairy Dwarf

Hairy dwarfs are the kind of extraterrestrials which are shorter in their size than a normal human being. Most of the hairy dwarf varieties are known to be very skilled and proficient with and exception of Bigfoot which is considered as the normal type of humanoid hairy dwarf. It is said that hairy dwarfs wear clothing, make use of tools and some of them can speak as well.

Hairy dwarf are commonly related to UFOs. Early reports say that the people who encountered the aliens were in fact hairy dwarfs rather than orthodox greys. As the time passed, the reports of encounters with hairy dwarfs lessen and today we never heard about these extraterrestrials.

Being in strong connection with UFOs and high technology, hairy dwarfs are often distinguished from the miniature Bigfoot dwarf. There are instances where people encountered relatively larger hairy humanoids. These are normally considered weird hairy humanoids. They are supposed to occupy the UFOs or sighted in the areas where UFOs are common.

Normally, hairy dwarfs get much less attention from the researchers specializes in the field of cryptozoology. However, ufologists usually show concern in analyzing the hairy dwarfs.

Andromedan Alien

The term Andromedans is used to describe the ascended aliens or space aliens belong to the Andromeda Galaxy which is supposed to be 2 million light years away from our planet.

These are the stereotypical portrayal of the aliens or extraterrestrials as a life form of pure energy or in simple words an energy being that is formed from energy. By energy beings we mean that the beings made up of a lucid glowing fluid.

These extraterrestrials are known to be very good-looking having a flexible, lithe built. These are usually very thin. This creature is defined by Contactee testimony as, “so spiritually developed that they no longer a physical body. They are almost beings of light energy. They are illuminated in light. They are very tall and stand eight to ten feet in height.” Traditionally, they were known as the winged gods.

It is often said about Andromedans that they are peaceful creatures.

Hopkinsville Goblin

These were first sighted in 1955 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The witnesses described this creature in semblance to Gremlins or Goblins. According to the witnesses, the creature was about 3 feet long with standing ears. Also, the creature possessed thin limbs with claws. They were seemed as if floating on the ground with silverfish skin.

There were around dozen witnesses who encountered this creature and claimed that they shot at them with no major results. Later, the law enforcement agencies arrived at the spot and found no clue of any such creature in the area except the damage done to the surroundings walls and houses. However, the witnesses stand firm on their story of encountering the extraterrestrials even after many years.

After that incident, experts started conducting investigations and many of them are of the view that what witnesses told at that time was true. The US government also took the issue seriously and carried out a lot of investigation, even US Air Force also conducted investigations in this regard. In spite of all these investigations, the agencies and experts never found any clue about this mysterious extraterrestrial creature.

Flatwoods Monster

The Flatwoods monster is described as a creature which is around ten feet in length along with a glowing red colored face and greenish skin. Its head resembles the “heart or Ace of Spades” and the creature as a whole appeared to be clad in a skirt like clothing. Some people say it had no arms while others believe that it had short, squatted arms having claw like fingers.

Flatwoods monster was first witnessed in 1952 in Flatwoods, West Virginia. It was a group of kids who witnessed a bright object in the sky and informed the mother of one of the child. So, some other local children, national guardsman and the mother began to investigate the mystery of that bright object.

What they witnesses was a large effervescent ‘ball of fire’ under one of the tree called the Flatwoods monster. On seeing the crowd, the monster murmured and attacked on them as a result the crowd dispersed in panic. Many of them fell ill afterwards.

The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) held an investigation to reveal the truth and deduced that the object witnessed most probably was a meteor and the creature encountered under the tree may be a species of barn owl which is assumed to be similar in its appearance to the description of the creature provided.


What are these creatures? Writer David Icke alleges that these aliens origin from the Alpha Draconis star system, which are hiding in the under ground bases in Hollow Earth. The general description is that of a similar to humanoid aliens who have a reptilian appearance similar to a lizard or a snake. These alien abductions sometimes allege contact with reptile creatures. One of the earliest report of Ashland Nebraska police officer Herbert Schirmer, who claims to have been taken abroad a UFO in 1967 by humanoid beings with a slightly reptilian, who had a ‘winged serpent’ emblem on the left side of there chest. He also claims that these creatures are trying to take over the world through the spirit of manipulation and generation of fear and negative emotions. How so ever these theories are not been taken very seriously by many people around the world.


The Dogon tribe is said to be reside in Mali, West Africa. Many experts had researched for this tribe, Mali the place had been extensively visited by the experts. The general consensus about them is thought to be that these people called Dogon somehow process to have extensive knowledge of technology and astronomy. It is known that in 1946 they already knew about Sirius B, the companion binary star to Sirius A which is supposed to be the brightest star in the observable sky, and its orbital period. These people strangely are also said to know about the rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter. Sirius B was thought to be as a white dwarf, invisible to the naked eye and Dogon simply didn’t have the technology to observe it.

It is also assumed that the ancestors of the Dogon people were visited by aliens from Sirius. These aliens passed on their knowledge to human beings whom the generation passed through generation as originally the Dogons were thought to be primitive tribe of hunters and gathers.

However, observers have also tried to conclude that the Dogon may have acquired the astronomical knowledge from modern sources and they further incorporated into there folklore. It was considered that the modern French explorers had visited them by 1893 and gave them the knowledge.

Nordic Aliens

Nordic aliens are the extraterrestrials which are closely associated with the humans in their appearance and behavior. These are extremely beautiful. It is thought that the Nordic aliens are similar to Nordic Scandinavians in appearance such as having white pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes and taller physique. They are six to eight feet tall.

George Adamski was the first contactee who reportedly met and spoke with a creature from Venus named Orthon on 20th November, 1952. Adamski was considered as the first person who described the Nordic blonde haired alien.

According to Adamski, the Orthon exchanged information with him through telepathy and hand gestures. Orthon notified him about the nuclear war and also arranged a trip for Adamski to experience the solar system and the planet Venus as well.

It is believed that the Nordic aliens were peace loving, tranquil, condemning violence and spread the words of peace. An interesting fact about them is that they warned the humans about the dangers of atomic weapons and war-faring ways. The abduction by them was normally of peaceful nature where the communicated peacefully to the humans instead of teasing them.

There is another common concept about these Nordic aliens which states that they are actually the description of the hypothetical Aryan race. It is a race of people having some higher attributes and genes.


Among all the extraterrestrial objects, ‘Greys’ are considered as the most common subject of discussion when talking about UFO, extraterrestrials, alien abduction theories and events. Greys are most commonly featured creature in the movies, TV shows and even in video games. Many experts often characterized them as the true extraterrestrials’ species. Greys are usually characterized by their evil and sinister urges. The majority of the abduction cases are also associated with Greys as a large number of humans are believed to be abducted by this creature to harm them.

Greys are the extraterrestrials which are humanoid having large bald heads with relatively smaller bodies with small limbs. They have large eyes which are dark and opaque without irises. They are dark grey in color and their ears, nostrils are not visible. They are not clothed and mostly barefooted.

Above mentioned are some of the types of the aliens. Hope you would have enjoyed reading the article about the different types of aliens or extraterrestrials.

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