Types of Warrants

Published on: Jan 30 2018 by Shenron

A warrant is a legal document that is signed by a judge and gives the authority to law enforcement officers to take necessary legal actions against someone. Warrants are of different types such as criminal warrants and civil warrants. A criminal warrant is a warrant which is issued to authorities with a view to secure evidences or detains suspects involved in criminal acts. A civil warrant on the other hand is a warrant which is used for several different purposes in the lawsuits like recovering personal property or trying to obtain monetary relief. If we talk about the courts in United States, they are given enough authority to issue warrants to law enforcement agencies for a variety of purposes. Following are given some of the different types of warrants.

Felony Warrant Felony warrant is a warrant which is issued by the court when the law enforcement has ample incriminating proof to detain a person found guilty of committing a felony. This sort of warrant remains valid until the suspected person is apprehended. Individuals who were arrested for child sexual assault charges should consider hiring a criminal attorney. Find a criminal lawyer who has handled and won similar cases to yours. You may find reputable criminal defense lawyers from the law offices of Mark Diaz & Associates. You may also seek the services of a bail bondsman to help facilitate your release. And those who need to notarize some important documents may consider visiting the nearest notary public in their area.

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Capias Pro Fine Warrant This is a type of warrant which is issued when a decision has been made by a court and court assigns a certain period of time to a suspect to fulfill the orders of the court such as to pay fine as compensation etc and the suspect is failed to fulfill the court’s order. In that case such warrants are issued to arrest that person.

Alias Warrant Alias warrant is a warrant which is issued against a person who is unable to come into the court after being agreed to a plea bargain. These are the individuals who give pledge to appear in the court in next court date given by the court. If someone fails to uphold his pledge, the court can take legal action to issue this sort of warrant to arrest you. Search Warrant Search warrant is a type of warrant which is issued by the court to law enforcement authority so that they can conduct a search in a person’s premises with a view that a person is involved in some illegal activities or committed a crime a certain place.

Eviction Warrant Eviction warrant is a warrant which is issued against a person who is not paying his/her rent or mortgage over a certain time span. In that case, the court issues a warrant against that person with a date and time on which the person should leave the property. Apart from these warrants, federal and state warrants are other common warrants that are issued by the courts in United States. A federal warrant is a warrant issued by a federal judge or magistrate against a criminal case after hearing the federal lawyer or law enforcement authorities along with solid evidences. Similarly, state warrant is a warrant issued to apprehend an individual in the interest of a state.

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