Types of Pizza

Published on: Mar 26 2017 by Shenron

Pizza is basically an Italian dish consisting of a flat, round, oven baked bread base with topping of vegetables, cheese, tomatoes, meat etc. The ingredients of toppings can be variable depending on the taste and region of the world. Pizzas are equally popular among all the age groups. It is available in so many different combinations. Different types of pizzas are based on different pizza crusts, different pizza sauces and a large variety of toppings.

Following are given some of the popular types of pizza which are in much demand and eaten all over the world.

Brick Oven Pizza: These are the pizzas which are baked in the wood fire brick oven and give pizzas a unique flavor. Neapolitan style pizzas are normally baked in the brick ovens. The pizzas baked in these ovens are small in size with only ten inch in diameter. Pizzas are thin with lesser amount of toppings.

Chicago Style Pizza: As this pizza was first made in Chicago, it is given the name Chicago style pizza. This pizza is a deep dish pizza with buttery crust along with a lot of tomato sauce and rich cheese. There are few varieties with stuffed crusts as well.

Deep Dish Pizza: This pizza was also made for the first time in Chicago somewhere around 1943. It has a thick bread crust which is about an inch deep or even more.

French Bread Pizza: In this type of pizza, the French bread is cut half and then covered with pizza toppings instead of adding a dough pizza crust.

Greek Pizza: Greek pizza is known for its herby base. It includes tasteful toppings of onion, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, mozzarella, bell peppers, basil, manouri cheese, olives and olive oil.

Grilled Pizza: This type of pizzas is cooked on grills. With grilled pizzas, the dough is baked first and then turned upside down. Once the dough is baked, toppings are added to it and again baked in the closed grill.

Italian Pizza: Italian pizza is an oven baked pizza which is flat circular bread topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella. However, other toppings can also be used.

New York Style Pizza: It is a pizza which is popular for thin, wide slices. The most classical toppings are mozzarella and tomato. Light sauce is used on these pizzas. High gluten flour is used to make thin, crispy hand tossed crust. The pizza’s slices are folded and consumed. This pizza is bigger than other pizzas because these are baked in coal burning oven rather then brick oven and also take longer to cook than brick ovens.

Pan Pizza: Pan Pizzas are the pizzas which have thick crust than other pizzas and available in several different toppings combinations.

Sicilian Pizza: This pizza was first made in Palermo, Sicily and given the name Sicilian pizza. It is also a thick crust pizza. The most important ingredients used in this pizza are pecorino cheese and anchovies. Sicilian pizza is made square in America having a thick crust.

Stuffed Crust Pizza: It is a fairly new concept in which the outer rim of the pizza crust is stuffed with cheese.

Thick Crust Pizza: Thick crust pizza is the pizza in which the dough is kept for an extended time in the oven to take a bread-like crust form.

Thin Crust Pizza: A thin crust pizza is a pizza which may or may not contain yeast. It usually has a crispy and crunchy crust.

Vegetarian Pizza: Most of the recipes of pizzas make use of lot of vegetables. A large range of vegetarian pizza toppings are there from which one can choose from.

White Pizza: White pizzas are perhaps the pizzas in which tomato sauce is not used altogether. White pizzas usually rely on the toppings of cheese, garlic, fresh basil and olive oil.

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