Types of Data Communication

Published on: Mar 21 2017 by Shenron

Data communication is a term refers to the transmission of digital data to any external device. Data communication system works in so many different ways. We have so many instances of data communication in our daily lives but not aware of them. We may need the structured cabling Dallas to assist on our business cabling system. For instance, cable system, telephone, and computer are the common examples to transmit different type of data. Data transfer ways has always been improving with time. Presently, the data transfer system we have is one of the complex forms of data communication. However, we are able to differentiate between some of the types of data communication given below:


A simplex communication method is the method that is used to send information only in one direction. The information or message source is taken as a transmitter. The transmitter sends the message via data channel to the receiver. The most apt examples of this sort of data communication include radio stations and Television broadcasts. In this sort of data communication model, the communication is only one sided and receiver is not able to respond to the message received.

Half Duplex

It is a data communication system where both transmitter and receiver can send messages but with an exception. The exception is that the data can only transfer to one side at a time. The receiver has to wait till the transmitter stop sending message to you (receiver). The apt example of this type of data communication system is that of a CB radio where one has to press a button while speaking. If the receiver tries to press the button and speak, both the transmitter and receiver will not be able to hear each other’s message.

Full Duplex

A full duplex is a data communication system that allows both transmitter and receiver to send data at the same time. It is a two-way communication system. In simple words, we can say that a full duplex system is comprised of two simplex channels where one channel is considered forward and the other reversed and both the channels are connected with each other. The most apt example of this type of data communication system is that of a landline telephone. Through telephone calling, both the transmitter and receiver can respond to each other at the same time.


Serial data communication system is a system which splits the data into small bits and transfer the message in the form of one bit at one time via a suitable channel. These small bits are received by the receiver who reconvenes the small bits to have a primary message. The example of serial data communication system is that of a modem.

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