Types of Computer Crimes

Published on: Feb 25 2018 by Shenron

As we know computer crime is type of criminal activities in which information technology is used to gain an illegal access without any approval for the special purpose of damaging or deleting some kind of computer data and also crime like electronic frauds as well as misuse of many devices.

No doubt computer crimes are not involved the physical properties. They include the managing of confidential data as well as critical information. It also includes software thefts in which the users privacy is getting slow down. It also involves the breaking a rule of agreement which is done by human or information privacy. Different types of computer crimes must have introduction and adopt the new and much more effective security methods.

Different Types of Computer Crimes

  • Hacking
  • Phishing
  • Computer viruses
  • Cyber talking
  • Identity Theft


Breaking activity into a computer system to gain an unapproved access is called hacking. The act of losing the security abilities of a computer system to obtain the illegal access to the information’s which are stored in the computer system is also called hacking. The knowing of unapproved passwords with planning to gain an unauthorized access to the private communication of an organization of a user is one of the widely known computer crime. And the other major crime is to hacking the IP address.


To getting the sensitive information’s like usernames passwords and credit cards details with difference as trustworthy sources. Phishing is carried out through emails or by offering rewards to enter the personal information through fake illegal websites. Most criminals use the famous websites because users feel secure to enter their details there. Then, when faced with computer crime allegations, it is essential to secure the services of a seasoned lawyer. The team at New Jersey Criminal Law Attorney – Computer Crimes Division is equipped to handle even the most complicated cases, providing clients with the confidence and legal support they need in such challenging situations.


Cyberstaking is a term that is defined as, “the use of Internet of any other electronic mean to harass, torture, stalk, embarrass or humiliate someone.” There are many other things that come under cyberstalking such as false accusations, threatening someone, destroying or damaging critical data. The people involve in cyberstalking are referred to as cyberstalker. They target different users through chat rooms, online forums, social networking websites, or other possible means to collect information of the users and then use this information to fulfill their evil intentions such as obscene emails, abusive phone calls and so on.

Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have become a major nausea for the people in possession of a personal computer. Computer virus is a type of malicious computer program or code that is programmed with evil intentions. A computer virus has the tendency to spread from one computer to another by means of network file system, USB or flash drives, Internet, and even from CDs. Several different types of computer viruses are common these days meant to harm the computer and destroy critical data.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is another type of computer crime. More often the people use the identity of the other persons and use this to pretend to be someone else and steal money or certain other benefits by showing false identity. The two most common types of identity theft are: financial identity theft and commercial identity theft. In financial identity theft, a false identity is used to achieve benefits in the form of goods and services, whereas commercial identity theft involves the use of someone else’s business name or credit card details to obtain some commercial benefits. Some of the major crimes such as illegal migration, terrorism and blackmailing are possible due to identity theft.

These are some of the different types of computer crimes. It is obvious that where information technology has brought to us many favors, there it has given the opportunity to the people to involve themselves in a rather new type of crime in the technological world. Surely, evil intellects are now way paving the path for turning the technology into a curse. They must be stopped.

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