Types of Breast Cancer

Published on: Jan 26 2018 by Shenron

Not all the tumors occur in the breasts are malignant. Majority of the tumors that occur in the breasts are non-malignant and appear due to the fibrocystic formations within the breasts. However, there are tumors which are malignant and have the tendency to spread to other organs of the body if left untreated. Following are given some of the different types of breast cancers.

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ or DICU

This occurs in the cell walls of ducts in breasts. It is not malignant neither does it spread to other parts of the body. Breast removal surgery or mastectomy is used to remove this tumor from the breast. There are almost 100 percent chances that this tumor is cured. Mammographies are used to detect these tumors.

Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma or IDC

These types of tumors are considered as intrusive tumors which develop in the milk ducts in the breasts and extend to the adipose tissues of breasts and eventually to the other organs of the body of women. This is a most common type of breast cancer affecting over 80 percent of women all across the world.

Lobular Carcinoma in Situ or LCIS

This tumor develops in the mammary glands or breast lobes in the breast. It is not considered as malignant form of cancer but it can become malignant if left untreated. In its initial stage it is non-malignant and curable. It is known to be the most frequent type of premenopausal breast cancer and is still a mystery for the doctors who are yet not able to find any clues of its development before the end of the menstrual cycle. Once it is detected, doctors perform several tests in order to supervise its growth and women are asked to go through a mammography screening on yearly basis.

Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma or ILC

It is a kind of intrusive tumor which is formed in the mammary glands and extends to the other parts and tissues of the body. This tumor accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent of all the breast cancer cases. The diagnosis of this tumor is relatively tough as it is not detected easily on mammograms.

Inflammatory Carcinoma or IC

The cases of this type of tumor are very rare as it accounts for only 1 percent of the total breast cancer cases all over the world. This inflammatory type is known as an aggressive type which one develops grows quickly. The appearance of bluish breast skin with high temperature is the common symptoms of this tumor. Apart from this, bumps and wrinkles also appear on the breast of the women.

Paget’s disease of the Nipple

Paget’s disease of the nipple is another rare form of breast cancer wherein the cancerous cells develops in or around the nipple of the women. Initially, these cells attack the ducts of the nipple (milk-carrying tubes) and later extend to the nipple and areola (dark skin surrounding the nipple). Scaly, reddish nipples with irritation and itchiness are common symptoms.

The report from the National Cancer Institute states that this disease is responsible for 5 percent of the total breast cancer cases in the United States. It is vital to have a good knowledge of the symptoms of this disease because about 97 percent of the patients with Paget’s disease either have DCIS or intrusive cancer in breast. Any slight changes in the appearance of the nipple and areola may suggest the presence of cancer cells.

Phyllodes Tumors of the Breast

Being rare in nature, it accounts for only 1 percent of the total breast cancer cases. The term Phyllodes is derived from a Greek language meaning ‘leaflike’. This suggests that the cancer cells of this disease develop in a leaflike structure. Phylloides tumor and Cystosarcoma phylloides are other name used for this tumor. These are not invasive but grow rapidly in the breast.

Recurrent and Metastatic Breast Cancer

Any woman who had a breast cancer in the past, there is an ample chance of recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer remain with her. Perhaps you are reading this article because you are conscious about this fact, or it may has happened to you or you are just for the sake of knowledge.

This is not at all discouraging to live with a probability of recurrence or metastatic breast cancer. There are large numbers of women all across the world living their lives, rather productive lives with this disease. You have to live no matter if it comes back or not. You might have not caught this disease again after your first treatment. Recurrent and metastatic breast cancer is just a probability of disease. You can still live a life with all its colors and flares.

Male Breast Cancer

In the end, let us talk about another uncommon disease, i.e. the breast cancer in men. It is extremely rare in men as less than 1 percent of breast cancers develop in men. According to the statistics of 2005, about 211,400 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, while the numbers in men are 1,690.

You may be astounding over the point that men don’t have breast then how come they have breast cancer. In reality, girls and boys, men and women all have breast tissues. Certain hormonal changes cause the breast tissues to grow, but this is not the case with men or boys. However, there are instances where you have seen boys or men with relatively developed breasts. It is all about hormonal changes which are more active in women than men.

It is always handy to have a thorough knowledge about the different types of cancers or other fatal diseases. This will help you recognizing the symptoms much earlier which make things easier for you when it comes to treatment. Mostly, people are not aware of the symptoms and don’t give attention to minor symptoms which become tumors in the future and make their lives miserable. So, it is better to gather some important information before its too late.

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