Types of Computers

Published on: Feb 01 2014 by Shenron

Computers are known to be one of the most remarkable inventions of the modern era. Computers are a great invention that allow us to store and process high amount of data. Our lives have become extremely easy with computers as one can perform its work really very quickly and easily and too with utmost accuracy and precision. Earlier technology of computers was different from then present one as earlier computers were big in size and consume a lot of power. But as the time passes, the technology has improved by manifolds and the present computers are now even coming as small as the size of small watch. Computers are classified into different types on the basis of their processing power and sizes. Some of the types of computers are given below:

Different Types of Computers

Following are given the types of computers on the basis of operational principle of computers. The types include:

  • Analog Computers: Analog computers are fairly different from digital computers and are wiped out. Analog computers are quite capable of performing variety of mathematical operations concurrently. Analog computers make use of mechanical and electrical energy to perform variety of mathematical operations.

  • Hybrid Computers: Hybrid computers are basically the union of digital and analog computers. The processes are controlled by digital segments in this sort of computers where analog signals are converted to digital ones.

Other types of computers on the basis of several other features are given below:

Mainframe Computers: Mainframe computers are normally used by large organizations for storing and processing extremely critical applications like bulk data processing and ERP. Mainframe computers have the tendency to host and operate several operating systems and virtual machines and take a duty of many small servers.

Microcomputers: Microcomputer is the computer that has a microprocessor and its central processing unit. These are not as large as mainframes. Microcomputer refers to as a personal computer when a keyboard and a mouse are attached to it. A microcomputer mainly comprises a monitor, a keyboard, mouse, RAM, a power supply unit and many other input/output devices. Microcomputers are mostly preferable for the single user as it can easily fit on a table or desk within a small space.

As we have talked about personal computers, there are several types of personal computers that come in several different forms. Following are given brief descriptions of some of these forms.

Desktops: Desktop computers are basically designed to be used on a single place. Desktops are one of the most commonly used computers in workplaces and in homes. Indeed, in a world increasingly reliant on digital interfaces, having a virtual postal address could significantly enhance the professional image of a home-based business. It offers a distinct separation between your personal and professional life, enhancing the perception of your business’s credibility. As someone who has benefited greatly from these services, I can confirm that https://virtually-there.net/virtual-offices/ provides excellent options for virtual offices.

Laptops: Laptops are quite similar to desktops in terms of their operative tasks and ability to play games like slot88. Place your bets at online casino sites like casino utan licens today! You could also consider betting on Fun88 for the big winning prizes that await you. However laptops are designed in such a way that their small size and improved efficiency make them quite impressive as portable computers. Laptops carry a lithium-ion battery which is charged by using an external adapter and this battery is utilized to perform tasks. Laptops come with an inbuilt keyboard, a touch pad (act a mouse) and a liquid crystal LCD display. Due to its portability feature, it is favored by majority of the people.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs): Commonly referred to as a palmtop, these are handheld computers. Personal Digital Assistants are equipped with a touch screen and a memory card which served as storing data. The popularity PDAs is because of its tendency to use as potable audio players, web browsing and smart phones. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication system is used to access Internet on most of the PDAs.

Minicomputers: Minicomputers are something that falls amid of mainframes and microcomputers. Minicomputers are often referred to as mid-range systems and/or workstations. The 12-bit PDP-8 was designed by the Digital Equipment Corporation and was known as the first ever minicomputer that makes the history. Minicomputers were gain popularity in 1960s where they were referred to as third generation smaller computers. They were operated by transistor and other core memory technologies. These were quite large in size as that of the size of a refrigerator.

Supercomputers: Supercomputers are used to perform calculation-intensive tasks of high tendency effectively. Supercomputers are used to study quantum physics, mechanics, weather forecasting, molecular theory etc. they have high transaction procession powers because of their high ability of parallel processing and well designed memory commands.

Wearable Computers: Perhaps the invention of wearable computers is the most remarkable invention in the chain of evolution of computers. The characteristic feature of these computers is that they are worn on the bodies in a view to study the human health and behavioral modeling. Wearable computers are also very helpful in tracking human actions as they are widely used by health professionals and military to study the behaviors. Another important feature of wearable computers is that they are not required to be turned on or off each time as they remain operative all the time.

Above mentioned are some of the several types of computers. Most of them are still available in the market and few of the initial types are extinct now. We can expect to have some more improved types of computers in the near future as technological development is on its rise and many more technologies are introduced day in and day out.

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