Types of Agaves

Published on: Dec 22 2010 by Shenron

Agaves plants are succulent plants that are easy to maintain and look after. Unlike many other plants, the agaves are not sensitive to different types of conditions such as soil, shade or sunshine. Agave plants flourish well under both shade and excessive sunshine, so you can use them anywhere in the house. Plants lovers or gardeners like these plants for they can be used in any landscape with their spiny edged foliage and short stemmed rosettes.

Agave plants in their looks resemble cactus or aloe vera. Agave plants have thick fleshy leaves which store water for nourishment in hot weather conditions. The leaves also contain a thick fluid or sap that can be collected as nectar. Some kinds of this fluid are used by animals and others by the humans. This sweet, thick fluid can also be used in some alcoholic beverages such as mescal liquor and tequila. So many different species are available and each type possesses some varied and specific characteristics.

Agave Azul

It is the more common type of agave plant and is also known as blue agave. Agave Azul is not suitable for home usage because of its large size. Generally, agave azul is used for commercial use and found in abundance in Mexico. Its main purpose of cultivation is to use it in the making of tequila, a distilled spirit.

Agave Americana

Agave Americana is commonly known as the century plant. You can grow this plant as an ornamental plant in pots or other containers. The Agave Americana is more prominent in the deserts of American Southwest, but it can grow in the colder climates. It is a great source of food and water for the people and animals living in deserts.

Agave Angustifolia

It is indigenous to Mexico and North America. Agave Angustifolia is used as an ornamental and decorative plant in the gardens. It also has a commercial purpose of cultivation. It is an important ingredient in the preparation of mescal liquor. It is also known as Caribbean Agave, which is 4 to 5 feet tall and spreads around 3 to 4 feet area. Its size may sometimes create problem for the people who wants to grow it in gardens or other residential area. When buying a replacement chain for chainsaw you don’t have to buy the same brand, click here as there are many after-market options that are often better than brand alternatives.

Agave Palmeri

Agave Palmeri is a useful plant and its leaves are used to make sandals, ropes, baskets and hunting nets. Agave Palmeri is considered as the largest indigenous plant in the United States with a lifespan of 5 to 25 years. The leaves of the agave palmeri are protected by a waxy coat and a powdery surface. A waxy coat on the leaves helps the plants’ roots to get the required moisture from the leaves. A nectar obtained from the agave palmeri is known be rich in protein.


Sotol is a type of agave pretty much like yucca in its looks. The Indians used this plant as a source of fiber. Also the tiny flowers it bears were used as food source by the Indians. The leaves of the Sotol are used to make different items such as baskets, ropes, sandals, mats and thatches. The stalk of the stool flourishes well in the summer season.

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