Types of Apples

Published on: Jan 28 2011 by Shenron

Apple is a pome fruit of an apple tree which is possibly the most primitive tree to be cultivated. Apples are known by humans for centuries. The most primitive species of the apples, Malus Sieversii is considered as the ancestor of all the modern apples and is still grow wild in modern Kazakhstan. The young immature apple is green in color and turns into deep red when mature. In Kazakhstan the term used for apple is ‘Alma’ and the part of Kazakhstan which believed to be the origin of apple is Alma Ata, which was renamed as Almaty in 1993. This word is a combination of two words which gives it the meaning of ‘Apple City’.

Apples are cultivated in all across the world today and they are known by many different names. Following are given some of the different types of apples which are grown in different parts of the world.

Red Delicious Apples: Red delicious apples are considered as the mark of American apple-growing industry. Unlike round varieties, these are relatives taller, thinner and deep red in color. It is one of the popular varieties of apples in the United States. Red delicious apple like its name has a strong delicious taste. It has a crispy texture and has a thick bitter peel so as its flavor. Red delicious apples are mostly eaten raw as these are not known having good baking properties.

Golden Delicious Apples: Although, they possess the name in close resemblance to red delicious apples, but they are in no way associated with them. Perhaps, the resemblance in name is due to the same company Stark Brothers. Unlike red variety, they are slightly rounder and fatter. The peel is also thinner than red variety. It is firm, crispy and has a juicy feel with sweet flavor. Golden delicious apple is good apple for baking.

Granny Smith Apples: They are known for their green colors. Another characteristic feature of these apples is that they were the first green variety of apples introduced in the United States. Granny Smith apples are known to possess some good storing properties  as they can keep their texture and taste intact while being in a cold storage place for half a year. These apples have good contrast of sweetness and tartness in their flavor. These are not eaten raw but used excessively in apple sauce.

Winesap Apples: These are called Winesap apples because of having distinct taste and odor of wine. They have a tart, spicy flavor and majority of the people don’t like to eat them as raw. However, there are people who like to eat them raw. These are usually available in the supermarkets. These are small, round with having a deep, dark red color. These are widely used in sauces and in baking.

Gala Apples: Gala apples are good looking apples having golden peel with red fine spots. These are in fact a mixed breed of Golden Delicious and a Kidd’s Orange Red (a variety of apple in New Zealand). The flesh of the gala apple is creamy yellow and is mild, sweet in taste. These are known as good snacking apple. These are also used in baking.

McIntosh Apples: This variety of apple was first introduced in 1870 by john McIntosh, a farmer in Ontario, Canada. Since then, the apple is cultivated and one of the most popular variety in North America. Some of the other popular varieties such as Cortland, Spartan and Empire are produced by cross-bedding McIntosh apples with other varieties. McIntosh apples are round in shape. It is red with green spots. The flesh of these apples is white having a spicy, aromatic taste. It is used as a snacking apple.

Rome Apples: It is also referred to as ‘Rome Beauty’ because of the fact that it is originated from Rome, Ohio. It has an attractive red color. It is round and fleshy. Its flesh gives a greenish, crispy feel with thick skin. It is slightly tart to taste and is used widely for making cider and also used for baking.

Gravenstein Apples: It is round having a thin skin which is reddish-green in color. It was first cultivated in the United States somewhere around 1700s. It gives you a strong flavor which is both sweet and tart at the same time. Its taste often reminds you of the white wine. It is used for both baking and making cider which is strikingly tasteful because of tartly flavor.

Ambrosia Apples: Ambrosia apple is a variety which is known as a bi-colored variety having a composition of reddish pink against the creamy yellow. It has creamy, juicy flesh which is sweet in taste. It is mostly eaten raw and is not used for baking. Most of the people use this variety of apple for snacking and with fruit salads.

Arkansas Black Apples: It is a variety of apple which is known to be produced from late season apple tree. It is cultivated in the Southeast America and is known as a very late ripening variety. It has a dark red skin and its flesh is very delicious. This variety of apple is widely used for baking and also in desserts. Its tartly acidic flavor makes it suitable for cider making as well. Arkansas black apples possess good storing properties as you can store them for months.

Other Types of Apples

Some of the other types of apples are:

Braeburn Apples: It has an orange red skin in which encased a crispy, juicy flesh. It is both sweet and tart in taste. It is a good snacking apple which can also be used in fruit salads.

Empire Apples: This apple is produced by cross breeding between different varieties of apples. It is a medium sized apple with a deep red skin. Due to its crispy, juicy and sharp taste, it is widely used as snacks.

Fuji Apples: Fuji apples are a cross-bred between two varieties: Red Delicious and Ralls Janet. It was first produced by Japanese researcher and was introduced in the market somewhere around 1962. This variety of apples was introduced in American markets in the 1980s.

Fuji apples can be available in both fresh and frozen form and they do well in both the forms. However, there is no contrast of fresh apples as you can eat them raw or in fruit salads. Fuji apples are sweet and very tasteful. Crispy and juicy flesh makes them popular. Although, these are available in large size as well, the medium sized are more tasteful and crispy.

Jonathon Apples: Jonathan apples are a variety of apples which can either be eaten raw or cooked. It has a deep red color peel. They are firm, smooth and quite rich in taste. They have a mild tangy flavor. You can find this variety solid and firm.

Honeycrisp Apples: Honeycrisp apple is a mixed breed of two popular varieties. The skin of the honeyscrisp apples gives you a prominent red look with a feel of yellow background. Its flesh is juicy rich with sweet mild flavor. You will also find it crispy and coarse.

Idared Apples: Idared apple is also a crossbreed between some of the popular varieties. This apple has a tangy flavor with firm fleshy texture. Like many other varieties, it is also good for snacking and baking.

Newtown Pippins: Newtown Pippin is another variety of apple which is light green in color with a touch of yellow. The surrounding skin of the stem is usually reddish yellow. It has a crispy yellow flesh with a tartly acidic flavor. This apple is not good for storage and need to be store properly to preserve the flavor. In the past, this apple is primarily cultivated as a dessert apple, but it is now grown and harvested for cider making as well.

Northern Spy Apples: It is a large apple having red skin along with yellow streaks. It is known as an all purpose apple as it can be eaten raw, cooked, used in salads or in desserts.

Pink Lady Apples: It is known as the pink lady apple because of having a pink skin. It has a soft pink skin which makes it very attractive. Its flesh is white and crispy. It has a sweet tart flavor. Pink lady apple is commonly used in salads or for baking.

Snow Apples: Snow apples are also referred to as ‘Fameuse Apple’ which is medium sized apple available in deep crimson color. It has a mild tangy flavor. It is flesh is very juicy. Snow apples are used in desserts, snacks and cooking as well.

Above mentioned are some of the popular types of apples which are grown and eaten in various forms all over the world. Apples are known to be good healthy fruit for centuries for they have been cultivated for several hundred or even thousand years. Our elders always encourage us to eat apples and that’s what modern science has revealed to us now. These are not only delicious, tasteful, juicy, but also very good for our health.

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