Types of Chickens

Published on: Jan 28 2015 by Shenron

Chickens are known as large domesticated birds which are often kept for its eggs or meat. Chicken belongs to the family of fowls. Fowls are classified into two major groups which are land fowl and water fowl. Chickens are the members of land fowls and also known as the subspecies of Red Junglefowl. Of terrestrial birds, chickens are known to make up the largest family. This is possibly due to the fact that these are nurture by human beings for their meat and eggs. There meat is very tasteful and healthy to eat.

Different Types of Chickens

Many of you have certainly no idea about the different types of chickens. Chickens are found in several different types across the world. Each and every type of chicken is bred for several purposes and each of the species is known for its unique and distinctive features. Chickens are usually bred for their meat, eggs or for other reasons. In this article we will try to cover some of the major types of chicken with their brief description and other characteristic features. It is not possible to cover all the types of chicken in one single article so we are giving the most common types of chickens in this article. Lets us have a look on some of the major types of chickens.

Araucana Chickens

These are certainly a fascinating breed of chickens. These chickens are known for two extremely conspicuous features which make them more prominent than other chicken types. The first striking feature is the tendency to lay colored eggs, to say blue. The second feature is that of having little curling tufts of feathers grown near their ears.

The modern breed of these chickens is originated from Chile and its neighboring regions. However, Araucanian Indians were the one who kept and bred this type of chicken initially. People bred these chickens precisely for their eggs.

Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

These chickens were first bred in America somewhere around 1800s. These chickens are bred today for their quality meat and eggs. These are known for laying eggs in abundance. These are the most frequently bred of among the other types of chicken.

These chickens are known for their remarkable coloring patterns. These are found in black and white stippling of feathers which often gives you a resemblance to marble. However, these come in many other colors such as bluff, blue, silver, partridge and Columbian.

Brahma Chickens

Braham chickens have their origin in India and known as the largest type of chicken. Brahma chickens come in three different colors such as light, dark and buff with a combination of black, white and golden feathers and lining. They appear to be large because of having loose plumages. They have a feather covering over the legs and feet as well.

These chickens are popular for their submissive natures. These are not bred for meat but for eggs. Though, they are not known for egg abundance, yet they are strong and normal egg layers.

Leghorn Chickens

These are small chickens known as one of the best commercial egg producers all over the world. A normal leghorn chicken can lay about 280 eggs per year. Leghorn chickens unlike other chickens are capable of flying. For this very reason most of the people don’t prefer to breed this type of chickens.

Originated from Livorno, Italy, these chickens are found in several different colors. Leghorn chickens are found in white, blue, light brown, red, silver, black, silver and buff. These are known for having nervous temperament.

Frizzle Chickens

Frizzle chickens is the type of chickens which are known for their disheveled and ringlet feathers. Depending on the plumage, any species of chicken can fall under the category of frizzle chickens. However, in UK the frizzle chickens are given the title of separate breed.

It is believed that these chickens produced about 300 years ago somewhere in Southeast Asia. Frizzle chickens are not known for having delicious meat, but they are bred for their reasonable egg laying tendency. These are also kept only for show.

Silky Chickens

It is one of the most characteristic types of chickens originated in Asia about 800 years ago. These are given the name silky chickens because these chickens have silky plumages which give them a fluffy, collie like looks. Mostly, silky chickens are of white color but there are certain other color variations which include blue, gray, black and buff. There are both bearded and non-bearded varieties of silky chicken.

Silky chickens are small in size and weigh around 5lbs. these chickens are known to possess a good temperament. These are not considered as efficient egg laying creatures; however, farmers breed them as broody chickens.

Above mentioned are some of the major types of chickens which are bred all over the world for several different reasons. Some are bred for eggs, some for meat, some for both meat and eggs and some are bred just for show though. Chickens’ meat is rich in vitamin D, protein and fiber which are essential as health point of view.

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