Types of Caterpillars

Published on: Mar 21 2015 by Shenron

A caterpillar is a small worm like creature having legs that develops into a butterfly or moth. Because of its resemblance to worm, often people mistakenly take it as worm. Both caterpillar and earthworm have a famished craving. Caterpillars are often disliked by the farmers because they damage the crops badly. Your will be surprised to know that more than 180,000 different species of caterpillars are found all across the world.

These are related to worms because of their tube like segmented bodies. Tiny legs help them to move and their abdomens are comprised of ten different compartments. There are species of caterpillars having hair on their bodies and can cause irritation to human skin. The small openings on thorax and abdomen help them to breathe.

Out of such large numbers of species, some species are commonly known. Those commonly known types of caterpillars are given below:

Geometrid Larva: This small creature lived on variety of different plants. They mostly possess the same color as that of a plant or leaves hence, making them unable to spot easily. You have to observe the leaves carefully to find its presence.

Morning Cloak Butterfly Larva: This caterpillar has a clear looks with a tinge of orange spots. It legs are also orange in color. This caterpillar usually found on willow, elm and poplar trees.

Dagger Moth Larva: You can easily locate it on the plant. It is commonly found on the trees like willow, apple, maple, and oak. It has tiny black hairs with a tinge of white or yellow markings.

Swallowtail Larva: These caterpillars enjoy living on the fruit trees and willows, although found on several other plants and trees. These are pale green in color with a brown-colored head. The tubercles and scent glands (at back of their heads) are orange in color. You cannot spot them on your first instance if resting on same colored background.

Fall Webworm Larvae: This caterpillar is commonly found in the gardens as it enjoys feeding on several ornamental and shade trees. Also, found on the conifers. These caterpillars are known as garden pests which have the ability to cause a severe damage to the plants and trees. It has long hairs with light colored looks.

Western Tent Caterpillar Larva: These colorful caterpillars enjoy living on woody plant and trees. These are found in blue, black and orange color and known for laying large number of eggs on twigs.

Douglas fir Tussock Moth Larva: These are also hard to locate. Like fall webworm, they also have long hairs with orange-colored markings. These caterpillars have the tendency to grow quickly and can cause severe damage to the plants. They lived on different kind of conifers such as Douglas fir.

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