Types of Pitbulls

Published on: Mar 01 2011 by Shenron

There is a misconception among the people regarding the term ‘pit bull’ as majority of them believe that this term refers to a single breed of dog. However, this belief is not right because the term pitbull refers to the group (molosser breed) comprises of several different breeds of dog.

In recent few years, the popularity of the pitbulls has fallen by a great deal because of a number of reasons. One such reason is the study given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on dog related fatalities. The study shows the results related to dog related deaths from 2005 to date and the study shows that pitbulls have been the culprit of a third of all the dog related deaths. Simply, we can state it as pitbulls account for only 10 fatalities per year.

The other major reason pitbulls’ decline is the high profiles cases of pit bull mauling events. However, if we try to locate some good points in favor of pitbulls we can state the history of reputation of pitbulls as a fighting dog. Taking an account of this history will help us understand the nature of these dogs and their relationship with humans. Following are given some of the different types of pitbulls.

The Blue Nose

The Blue Nose perhaps the only variety that is taken as special and given priority over other varieties just because of its color. This high demand of Blue Nose has made it an expensive breed. It is important to mention here that the only difference between the Blue Nose and the other varieties is only the color and nothing else.

It is its color that makes this dog extremely popular among the majority of the people and they pay high prices just for their color. One can get Blue Nose from an animal shelter.

People often feel pride in having a Blue Nose as their pet and walking with this breed make them feel that as if it adds something to their macho status. The Blue Nose along with many other varieties of pitbulls is considered very loyal pets. These are also very sociable and don’t get furious or aggressive in the presence of strangers or other people around them easily.

The Red Nose

Like Blue Nose, the Red Nose pitbulls are also sold at high prices by many of the breeders taking advantage of their colors. Breeders know that people get attracted towards these varieties just because of their color and therefore demand premium process for them. It is believed that this Red Nose variety is originated from a line of ‘Old Family Rose’ pitbulls in Ireland.

The Red Nose pitbulls are characterized by their red-colored nose, red coat and gold-colored eyes. Because of the increased interest of the people in these colored varieties, people are readily wiling to pay high prices for them, an obvious reason for their high premium prices.

The Gator

The term ‘gator’ literally means an ‘alligator’. You might have surprised that why this breed is given this name. We don’t have any clear evidences of this fact but there are few rumors that suggest the Gator pitbull got its name for being good at fighting. Interesting, isn’t it! Due to this fact, some contemptible people who love watching and even enjoy taking part in dog fighting purchase this breed to fulfill their ill desires. It is said that Gators fight till death.

The true Gator pitbull variety has become distinct in recent few years and it has become really difficult to find a true Gator bloodline. Often breeder represents the dog variety to the people as Gator but in fact that variety has nothing to do with the Gator bloodline.

Red Pitbulls

The Red pitbull is another variety of pitbulls. Here, it is important to note that Red Nose and Red Pitbull are two separate breeds of pitbulls. Red pitbull is a popular pet dog. It is suggested to research well before purchasing a Red pitbull.

Red pitbulls are very friendly pets and normally enjoy the company of people around them. In case, you want to have two dogs always go for two puppies so as they rose together and enjoy each other’s company. Introducing a dog at some later time may create some problem for you and four pets.

It is important to train your Red Pitbull right from the start as these are strong, muscular dogs and you have to train them to make them adaptable to the conditions as a pet dog.

Facts about Pitbulls

  • Pitbulls are normally considered stubborn and you need to train them as a strong and consistent master. Obedience training is essential for them and required to be started from the beginning.
  • People often think that pitbulls make a good guard dogs ignoring the fact altogether that they are very friendly to strangers as well as other people around them.
  • Although, pitbulls are known for possessing a good behavior but yet it is recommended not to take them casually as they are so unpredictable.
  • If you want your dog to behave well in the presence of other dogs, start socializing your dog from early stages so that it doesn’t become furious or aggressive in the presence of other dogs.
  • Never leave your pitbull alone with your children and other family members as it can harm or injure them.
  • As we have mentioned that this breed is very muscular and powerful and has the tendency to jump high in the air. Therefore, it is required to have comparatively high fence around your yard, to say about six feet high to prevent this dog to jump over them. Having four to five feet fence in your yard is just not enough to restrict them.

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