Types of Governments

Published on: Dec 31 2010 by Shenron

Every country needs an institution to run the country in an organized way. The working needs a proper council to run and organize to form a strong foundation of a country. This system is worked under the name government. A government is an organization, or the institution, or the agency, through which a political unit exercise its authority, control and directs the actions of its members. The performance and functions of a political unit such as country, state or town is organized by the government. Countries around the world uses various systems of government to outgrowth their success run of the country. Every type of country has its own way to organize and work, every country has its own set of positive and negative aspects. Every country runs in its own environmental conditions and has embrace.


Monarchy is a form of government that pass onto the family only, it to the descendants. Currently there exits thirty one monarchs reigning over forty five extant sovereign monarchies in the world.16 of these are Commonwealth Realms that formally recognize Queen Elizabeth 2 as their head of state and Prince Charles as heir.


It is a kind of government or rule in which a single person or leader rules the entire population. In such rule, all the subjects are considered to be leader’s slaves. An apt example of such rule is that of the ‘Pharaoh of Egypt’.


Dictatorship is a form of rule in which a single person or individual has a complete power over the country. Dictatorship has several definitions which all depicts the totalitarian characteristics. Dictatorship is kind of government not chosen by the people, it is unlimited and tends to expand their control to every aspect of life.


Oligarchy is a kind of government where a few people or a small group rules the country. The term oligarchy is used by Aristotle as synonym for the rule by the rich, also known as plutocracy. Now, oligarchy is considered as rule of the privileged class.


Plutocracy is a form of government in which some rich people govern the country. To support the plutocracy, many political analysts argue that we have still situations where the private corporations and wealthy individuals have a strong influence on the government, which can be stated as synonymous with plutocracy.


According to the Abraham Lincoln, democracy is a form of government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. In democracy, it is the people who choose their representatives and are given the rights to form the government. A Standard Constitution is a part of democratic government that confers rights of freedom and expression to its citizens. This constitution makes the basis for uniform law to govern the country.

Communist Government

It is a one party system which means that the state or country is governed by socialists. Communistic government works in line of Marxism-Leninism. In this government, the state and the communist party govern the nation in accordance with the wishes of the working class or peasantry. Though, communists believe to employ democratic dictatorship of the proletariat, it actually paved the way for communism.


The government which is governed by the religious elite is known as theocracy. This sort of rule is usually implemented in the form of hybrid government. For instance, in Iran the democratic and theocratic institutions make the government or the Netherlands, which combines the monarchy and democracy together.

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