Types of Physicians

Published on: Feb 19 2011 by Shenron

A physician is person that practices the profession of medicines. We all in our lives have a very close association with the doctors or physicians as these are people to whom we refer to in case of any injury, illness, disease or disorder. In the past, a physician was known to carry out all the practices from setting fractures to deliver young babies. With the passage of time, the profession expands and many different specialties emerge within the profession of medicine. These specialties allow the physicians to practice any particular area of medicine. Doctors or physicians are crucial as far as health issues are concerned as these are the people who are always there to help us regain health from an illness or from injuries in an appropriate way.

Practically, doctors are classified into two broad categories, i.e. medical doctors or M.D. and doctors of osteopathic medicine or D.O. Although, both practice medicine, perform surgeries and write prescriptions, the D.O. are more inclined towards the preventive care who also get training in muscular system, bones and joints.

However, there are many other types of physicians which are known by the specialty they work in. some of the different types of physicians are given below:

Internist: The physician whose job is to deal with the inner workings of the human body is known as internist. Most of the primary care physicians are internists. They write prescriptions for the treatment of liver, stomach, kidneys or gastrointestinal tract.

Family Medicine: Family medicine doctor is often referred to as general practitioner – the doctor who is consulted for general illness or injury such as flue, sour throat, broken bone etc. A general practitioner is a person who deals with the patients of any age, i.e. from small kids to adult citizens.

Pediatrician: Pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in the ailments of children. He or she can deal with young patients, i.e. from new born to the children of 18 years of age. A pediatrician job is to make certain that the development of child is going in right direction. He not only guides the young fellows but their family and parents as well to take necessary steps for their better growth. Pediatricians usually develop a special type of bond with young patients to get maximum positive and healthy response from them.

Psychiatrist: Psychiatrists are the doctors who are responsible for taking care of the patients with mental illness. There job is to provide necessary medical help to the patient with different kind of mental health problems. They need to be well-versed in their area of specialty to be able to diagnose and treat the problem properly. They arrange counseling and therapy sessions to help patients resolve their emotional issues.

Anesthesiologist: Anesthesiologists perhaps the tough job under their hands as they have to be administer the amount of anesthesia depending on the patient condition before surgeries. Anesthesiologists get an extensive training in their area of specialty to ensure that they perform their duties up to the mark in the operation theatres. They have to be attentive throughout the surgery to make sure that they are monitoring the patient condition keenly.

Neurologist: Neurologists are the doctors who study the functions and working of the brain and its different components. Neurologists and psychiatrists often work together to treat the patient with some mental illness as the job of the both are closely related. However, the focus of neurologists is to deal with the patients suffering from brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and certain other brain disorders.

Cardiologist: Cardiologist is a doctor who studies heart and disease related to it. Cardiologists get an extensive training in understanding the functions of the heart and blood vessels and the major ailments related to it. Their job is to treat people having blocked blood vessels, improper heart beat etc.

Podiatrist: These are the doctors who specialize in the field of medicine that deals with feet, ankles and lower legs. Many of the podiatrists are surgeon as well who perform ankle or foot surgeries. They guide their patients how to take care of their foot, ankles and lower legs to prevent having problems in their routine life.

Dermatologist: These are the doctors who deal with the patients with some skin problems. Their job includes the treatment of all the skin related issues from hair and scalp to the soles of the feet. They also treat the patient with acne and skin cancer. Dermatologists and clinics like Bellaire Dermatology in Houston, TX or AgelessYou Med Spa – dermal fillers are also responsible for performing cosmetic surgeries and skin-related treatments such as skin rejuvenation.

OB/GYN: This is a combination of two terms that is: obstetrician and gynecologist. These are the doctors who are involved in the treatment of matters related to reproductive system of females and pregnancy. Obstetrician is the one who delivers babies and gynecologist looks after the pregnant women with pregnancy issues.

Gerontologist: These are the doctors who specialize in the science of aging. They deal with problems that arise with the elderly age and recommend elderly to senior living options and independent living services to improve their senior living lifestyle. Visit sites like https://www.villadesanantonio.com/the-community/ or www.palmbeachmemorycare.com/memory-care/ for additional guidance on memory care and assisted living.

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