Types of Engineers

Published on: Jan 26 2012 by Shenron

It is important to make the definition of an engineer in our minds clear before looking into the various types of engineers. An engineer is a person whose job is to design and build certain products or items by implementing scientific principles. An engineer is one who brings theories to what we call ground realities. An engineer is well-qualified and well-versed with the knowledge of mathematics and other sciences and uses this knowledge to come up with innovative and spectacular products or devices. In addition, complete shopfront design service involve architects, a design team, shop-fitters and builders who can provide Elegant Glass Storefront Solutions and Custom Shopfront Design Services. Engineers are the people with diverse state of mind, having strong problem solving abilities and always keep themselves up-to-date with the new development in various form of technologies.

Engineers have a great role to play in this technological era. If we observe closely, we will realize that the major part of our life is dependent on the expertise of engineers. For instance, trains, cars, television, mobile phones, iPod and many other such devices are the products of the mind of engineers. From small to large items or devices, we can see the miracles of engineers and their engineering.

Engineering is a vast field that covers many different areas. Depending on these areas, engineers are classified into several different types and sub-types. Some of the key areas of specialization for engineers include: mechanical, electrical, aerospace, marine and civil engineering. Apart from these, there are certain other areas like software engineering, electronics, biomedical and nuclear engineering where more and more people are getting in. following are given a brief description of some of the key types of engineers.

Mechanical Engineers

As the name suggests, mechanical engineering is something related to machines and their working. The job of the mechanical engineer is to design, implement and maintain the machines used in the industry. Mechanical engineers also investigate and experiment different things to improve the working of the existing machinery or indulge themselves in designing and manufacturing some new useful tools and devices. Mechanical engineers study the courses such as Technical Drawing, Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and many others. Mechanical engineers usually enjoy high salaries.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is concerned with designing and manufacturing machines and systems that consume or produce electricity. Electrical engineers study and analyze different areas of electrical engineering and build electrical systems that can be either consumer-based (MP3 players, televisions, DVD players, digital cameras and so on) or power-based (airline navigation system, electricity grids and so on). Electrical engineers focus on the subjects like thermodynamics, Energy, Alternative Energy, Power Generation, Distribution, and Control System. An electrical engineer can opt for computer networking, robotics, medical imaging or wireless communication.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineering deals with the study of designing, building and repairing roads, building, bridges, canals and many other infrastructures. Civil engineers are involved in making mega infrastructure projects by keeping in view different factors such as earthquakes, environmental hazards etc. They follow a systematic way or process to achieve their goals. Civil engineers are also accountable for the building of reservoirs, railways, sanitation plants and water dams. Civil engineering has subfields which include materials, structural, environmental, or geotechnical engineering. Those who need building inspections may consider getting help from professional building inspections melbourne.

Marine Engineers

Marine engineering is concerned with the designing and building of marine structures such as harbors, docks, drilling platforms and so on. It is also deals with the ocean vehicles such as boats, ships, oil drilling supervision, marine propulsion systems. Similarly, marine engineers are also responsible for designing, building, and maintaining the equipment used in boats and ships such as a boat fuel tank. Some of the major products of the marine engineering include the communication system used on the ships or boats to broadcast information in real-time to distant locations through satellites or optical fibers.

Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace or aeronautical engineers are accountable for designing, analyzing, modeling, simulating, and investigating of aircrafts, satellites, missiles, space vehicles, and rockets. You will be wondered to know that aerospace engineers are not just involved in space or aircraft engineering, but they are also accountable for manufacturing swift bullet trains, race cars or deep-sea vehicles. Aerospace or aeronautical engineering is a fast growing engineering field and gain a lot of respect in recent few years.

Other Types of Engineers

Software Engineers

Software engineers are those individuals who are involved in writing computer programs. They not only assemble new computer programs, but also make necessary updating in the current software. Software engineers are normally mentioned as programmers as they are involved in extensive programming. Often people debate about software engineering and computer science and considered them the same. In fact, they are not same as software engineering deals with development of software and computer science deals with the theoretical concept of the development of software and hardware.


Nuclear Engineers

The working of the nuclear engineers revolves around the atomic particles. Nuclear engineering is a diverse field as it is not just used for manufacturing the powerful, destructive nuclear weapons but also used to devise new nuclear medicine techniques to diagnose various diseases. Nuclear engineers usually work in teams and spend most of the time in laboratories performing various experiments.

Mining Engineers

You have often heard about extracting and purifying minerals discovered from mines. This all come under mine engineering. Mine engineers design different tools and equipments that help and ease the process of extracting and purifying of minerals.

Agricultural Engineers

Agricultural engineers are the one who conduct advanced search on different seeds to figure out that how they can make seeds more productive. They are also involve in the designing, building and maintenance of the equipments used in the agricultural fields.

These are some of the few types of engineers, the list is very long and we cannot explain each and every type here in this short article. You have to do some research, if you want to know more about the types of engineers.

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