Types of Air Pollution

Published on: Jan 29 2011 by Shenron

When air becomes contaminated with chemicals, particulate matters, and certain biological materials that cause harm to humans or certain other living organisms, we called it air pollution. Perhaps, it is one of the most concerned issues of the present world. Air pollution can be caused by several different reasons among which the industries and factories are the most prominent factors. Air pollution is not only harmful for human health but also for the earth’s ecosystem.  Air is a vital natural resource that provides the basis of life on earth. There are several different types of air pollution based on the factors or reasons behind it. Let us have a brief look at some of the major types of air pollution.


Smog is a combination of two words, i.e. smoke and fog. These two words coined together to form a word smog which literally means ‘mixture of smoke and fog’. As we know that there are so many different sources which are accountable for emitting smoke in the open air. When this smoke come in contacts with the natural fog it, this phenomenon is mentioned as smog. Though, it appears to be like a fog, but it has some severe impact on the human lives or on environment in the long run. Smog is formed due to the smoke emitted by different factories and industries. This smoke is rich in several harmful chemicals and when this is inhaled by human beings or any other living creature, it causes them severe harm in form of different diseases, especially related to lungs. There is hardly any difference between a smog and smoke of a cigarette as both are equally disastrous.

Green House Effect

Green house effect is another important type of air pollution wherein the air gets polluted when several green house gases amalgamate with air. Green house gases are six in number and include: methane, sulfur, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and ozone. These gases are primarily produced because of burning fossils fuel. These are extremely dangerous for health and for earth’s ecosystem as they can cause skin cancer. Other harmful effects of these gases contain the destruction of crops, plants, human livers or other livestock.

Accidental Air Pollution

Accidental air pollution is a form of air pollution which is caused accidentally in nature. We can explain it in this way the consumption of fuel by the vehicles emits certain gases that pollute the air. Similarly, when forests are burnt different gases are produced which pollute the air. There are other causes of accidental air pollution which include plant leakage or blasts in furnaces of manufacturing plants, all contribute to the air pollution. If you notice that your furnace high limit switch keeps tripping, consider hiring an HVAC technician. Make sure as well not to forget about furnace maintenance. You may consider hiring this expert that provides furnace maintenance in North Florida. For ac replacement service, make sure to schedule an appointment with professional HVAC technicians. If you want to have good air quality at home, an expert at Dryer Vent Cleaning Fountain Valley will assist you.

Industrial Air Pollution

Industrial processes are perhaps one of the major sources of air pollution. Industries, though are the important figures in the economic growth, these are also the one major cause of air pollution. Industry is not a limited phenomenon; it covers several areas such as thermal plants, plants for manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides, leather factories etc are all the contributors of air pollution as the emit smoke rich in chemical particles into the atmosphere where it combines with the air and contaminate it and make it harmful for the humans and for other living beings such as plants, corps etc. Atomic reactors or units are also major factors.

Transport Related Air Pollution

We have seen that a number of renowned automakers are now converting to produce hybrid cars as they realize the importance of clean healthy environment in one’s life. Different sort of vehicles use different fuels such as gasoline, diesel etc which when burnt releases dangerous chemical components or gases in the atmosphere which not only accountable for global warming but also harmful as far as health is concerned.

Carbon offsetting is a form of climate action that is used to compensate or ‘give back’ for emissions that can’t yet be avoided. Carbon offsetting is done by making a positive impact on the environment somewhere else, by investing in climate projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere or avoid emissions. You may check out CarbonClick to learn more on this.

Above mentioned are some of the major types of air pollution. Air pollution is in no way acceptable. Everyone has the right to live in a clean healthy environment. In recent few years, we have seen a trend of growing awareness among the people and environmentalists about the risks and hazards posed by different types of air pollution. This is certainly a positive sign as we have to take this matter seriously to overcome this grave issue. New laws and regulations are passed in recent few years in the form of Clean Air Act and several others to ensure that each and every person has to perform his/her duties sincerely towards making our air pollution free by rectifying the causes.

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