Types of Porch Roofs

Published on: Mar 22 2011 by Shenron

A porch is an area normally at the entrance of the house having a roof and walls as well in some cases. Certainly, porch is an important addition of the house. Porch can have several different roles to play in any home. It is used for summer parties and cookouts; provide a calm place in the cool summer evenings; and a quiet, relaxing place after having a busy day. The most important part of the porch is its roof that is there to keep the rain and sun away from you. The selection of the roof for your porch is a thoughtful process. It is important to for you to make certain that the chosen roof harmonize with the design of the overall home.

Shed Roof

Shed roof or the half-gable roof is a kind of single sloping roof that is opted for the porches which are long and narrow. When you looked flat on these sheds they will appear straight on (not curved). Whenever a shed roof is used in a porch, the higher part of the roof should be flat against the home and the lower end of the roof should be extended over the porch where beams or poles support it. As shed roof don’t contain any hips, valleys or ridges, these are easy to create.

Gable Roof

Gable roof is one of the most popular porch roofs and is available in several pitches. What we mean by pitch here is its slope or steepness. This is necessary to keep the snow or rain water out otherwise water or snow will accumulate on the roof and will damage it. Gable roof is basically formed by joining two flat side walls at the centre ridge or peak that gives it a triangular shape. Soffit and fascia are needed to enfold any extra projections next to the sides or front of the porch. The major benefit of gable roof is that it compliments almost all the roof designs on homes.

Hipped Roof

A hipped roof style is a roof style where all the sides of the roof slope downward. Hipped roof are considered as one of the most stronger and durable roof designs. All the sides of hipped roof are sloping downward with no gables at the end. Hipped roofs normally have leveled and widened eaves which are extremely helpful in increasing the thermal efficiency and also lessen the energy consumption.

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