Types of Addiction

Published on: Mar 22 2011 by Shenron

Addiction is a state of compulsive psychological and physiological habit forming or it can be defined as a state of being tolerant to a habit or practice. Addiction is just not limited to drugs or alcohol. There are several different types of addiction that people suffer from in one way or other. Addiction is always vicious to people irrespective of its type.

The most obvious types which people often associated with the term addiction are that of alcohol and drugs. However, there are several other types of addiction as well which are destructive for people irrespective of their backgrounds. Following are given some of the most common types of addiction with brief description.

Different Types of Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common types of addiction wherein an alcoholic yearns and longs for more and more drink. An alcoholic doesn’t stay long without an alcohol and if at any time, he/she attempts to quit drinking, they become occupied with withdrawal symptoms. Consuming an alcohol in any social occasion is far different from being an alcoholic. Alcoholic is addict to alcohol and excessive consumption of alcohol is a major psychological aspect of their lives. Dealing with an Alcoholic Narcissist can be extremely challenging without help from a professional.

Drug Addiction

The other most common type of addiction is that of drugs where people are addicted to drugs of different kinds. Drug addiction can be of two types, i.e. one related to illegal drugs and the second related to the certain medications. Learn more by reading prescription drug addiction explained. Both these forms of drug addiction affect the people physiologically and psychologically. The repetitive use of any drug develops a strong tolerance in the body as a result of which an addict requires higher doses to get the same effect as when he/she started it, and that’s why some people replace the use of drugs with products like thc live resin gummies which are better to make you feel calm.

There can be several different symptoms a drug addict has such as insomnia, or oversleeping, changed eating habits, carvings for any particular sweets or foods, change in personality and so on. If you need help with your addiction, you can search online for addiction rehab near me. You may also visit methodtreatment.com for insurance-covered rehab options. Their website details a range of luxury treatment programs and services.

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Internet Addiction (Online Addiction)

Internet addiction is a recent phenomenon and become common with the introduction of Internet in every house and even in offices. Internet addiction is considered as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). It is thought that this disorder affects about 10 percent of the people who use Internet on the regular basis. People spend hours sitting in front of their personal computers performing different task such as chatting, surfing websites, playing online games, or spending time on social networking websites. Internet addiction can be mild to severe in its form.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is another severe form of addiction which not only affects the addict but also the people close to the addict. Gambling addiction is considered as devastating as alcohol and drug addiction. Gambling addiction is a kind of addiction in which a person can loose all his self dignity and even in severe cases desire to live as well. Gambling addiction is not a limited to one person; it is a kind of fire that blows up each and everything that comes in path. It’s a kind of curse in which people lose power to think sensibly and will only get worse if they don’t get gambling addiction help.

Food Addiction

The next type of addiction which we have included in our list is the food addiction of which many people are not aware of but it is always there. Food addiction is an addiction in which people get addicted to sugar or fat contents. An apt example of this type of addiction is binge eating. An addict may indulge himself in excessive eating or drinking and have no strength to refrain himself from excessive eating and drinking. A food addict normally indulges himself/herself in binge eating when he/she is depressed or frustrated.

Nicotine–Tobacco–Cigarette Smoking Addiction

Smoking addiction is another form of addiction wherein a person involves himself in excessive smoking. Smoking becomes an inevitable part of his life and he suffers several different emotional, psychological and physiological symptoms in case he doesn’t smoke for long. Although, everyone knows the devastating and destructive nature of smoking but once addicted to it no one is able to get rid of it easily. If you’re looking for where to buy cigarettes near me, check out discountciggs.com.

Sexual Addiction

When a normal sex drive becomes obsession, it is terms as sexual addiction. In sexual addiction, the behavior of an addict becomes out of control and he/she has no tolerance. Make lasting memories with an escort trans Toulouse. If deeply study this addiction, we will come to know that sexual addiction is pretty much of ‘process’ addiction than substance addiction such as alcohol or drugs, but so many people deal with this with online services to meet people at Meetnfuck online and others. Process addiction is an addiction where elated feelings develop from the release of chemicals within the brain instead of any external source. A sexual addiction is not a limited term as it has several different forms such as pornography, lewdness, masturbation, sexual affairs, patronizing prostitutes, and voyeurism so is better to release yourself using sites like ehocams.com where you can watch beautiful women and have fun. In its extreme form sexual addiction takes the form of molestation, rape and murder. It is important to note here that the only thing that is common in all the different forms of sexual addiction is secrecy. All the different tasks related to sexual addiction are performed in extreme secrecy by the addicts.

Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction is another form of addiction. This sort of addiction is usually summed up in a term oniomania. This term is derived from Greek words, ‘onios’ which means ‘for sale’ and ‘mania’ which means ‘insanity’. Psychiatrists usually sum up this as compulsive buying disorder (CBD or CB). According to the survey conducted by Times in December, 2006, about 6 percent of people in United States are shopping addict. An interesting aspect here is that the percentage of males and females suffering from this disorder is almost same, i.e. 5.5 percent and 6 percent respectively.

Addiction to Work (Workaholic)

In the last we are going to introduce you with another kind of addiction that is called workaholic (addiction to work). In this sort of addiction, the person is extremely cautious for his work, or career. In most severe cases, a workaholic develops a belief that he/she is the only person who can perform a certain job right. One of the major reasons for this kind of addiction is a sense of instability, insecurity and other related factors.

Workaholics normally spend most of the time working in the office or in home and spend a little time with their family. Due to their workaholic nature, they become mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually weak as not having enough time to relax and enjoy their own lives.

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