Types of Photography

Published on: Dec 25 2010 by Shenron

The term ‘photography’ is a result of combining several different discoveries. It is a process, activity, or an art which is not only a representation of what one sees in reality, but in fact photography reflects the picture of something in a way that is not seen by an ordinary eye. Perhaps, art is an apt word to describe photography as photography is a way to express a whole new gist of a specific situation. Similarly, ai face generator utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce synthetic faces that mimic human features, showcasing the intersection of art and artificial intelligence in creating novel visual representations.

And when it comes to displaying your photos or artworks on your walls, the type of frame you choose can make all the difference. Check out this guide to discover which frame type is best for you! Photography is one of the best hobbies to some and a profession to many as it offers them a great number of opportunities to capture what they want to show the world in a particular way. It is a fact that the world’s most spectacular photographs don’t require expensive equipment rather you just need to have the expertise of a skillful eye trained in such a way to capture the moments in the best way possible.

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Colored photography has gained some popularity over the recent years, but for photographers this popularity is not an end point, they still conscious of the importance and potential of black and white photography. Becoming a photographer necessitates intuitive abilities to perceive things uniquely. If you possess a passion for nature or fashion, combined with these innate skills, and integrate modern tools like a cutting-edge AI technology such as watermark remover, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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Photography is categorized into various types which are given below:


Photojournalism is limited to professionals. It requires the skills and formal training. It is important for the photographer to maintain the integrity of the actual scene under photojournalism to express the right meaning. So, this is quite a difficult task for the amateurs.

In photojournalism, there is no place for alteration and embellishment of the photo. Photographers are required to capture only the facts. In photojournalism, the aim is to shoot the pictures that engage the reader with the news story. Such type of skills and abilities to capture the genuine emotions and expressions can only be learned through years of hard work.

Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography is a type of photography that tells stories with images. Documentary photography can be distinguished from photojournalism in a way that photojournalism is an evidence of a particular event or instance, while documentary photography features a historical document of a social or political era.

In documentary photography, a photographer shoots a series of images depending on the particular topic such as the inner city homeless or chronicles the events of international combat. Documentary photography can be related to any topic or subject.

Action Photography

Action photography also involves many different subjects where a photographer has to specialize in his/her specialized field. For instance, a sport photography is known to be one of the most exciting and fastest types of photography where a photographer has to decide and anticipate quickly that when to take the shot. Same rules apply for photographers who are interested in capturing pictures of animals in nature or that of a plane or shuttle taking off. If you need a photographer for an event, Pamela Lepold Photography is a event photographer Washington DC.

Macro Photography

It is a type of photography in which pictures are taken at close range. Macro photography was once considered to be an expensive practice as it demanded advanced and expensive equipment, but with the advent of digital camera with macro settings, it becomes really easy for amateurs as well to practice this type of photography. The subjects in the macro photography may include insects, flowers, etc.


It is a type of photography that involves the use of specialized cameras and microscopes to shot the images of extremely small things. The implication of microphotography is common in scientific world, but the microphotography is also used in the disciplines like astronomy, biology, and medicine.

Glamour Photography

It is a type of photography often confused with pornography, which can be sexy and erotic, but it is by no means pornographic. Glamour photography aims to capture its model in suggestive poses with an emphasis on curves and shadows rather than focusing on nudity or lurid poses. The purpose of the glamour photography is to portray the subject in a glamorous way. As a result many captured shots carry mysterious, flirtatious and playful tones.

Aerial Photography

As the name suggests that the aerial photography deals with taking pictures from the air. Aerial photography is used for different purposes such as for surveying or construction, for military purposes or to capture birds or weather on film. Aerial photography makes use of places, ultra-lights, balloons, parachutes and even remote controlled aircraft.

Underwater Photography

Scuba divers and snorkelers are known for underwater photography. It is not a popular type of photography because it is expensive as it demands scuba diving equipment along with other expensive and unwieldy underwater photography equipment. Taking shots underwater is a complex task and for amateur it becomes really difficult even if he has the equipment.

Art Photography

Art photography is a type of photography that deals with the aesthetic value. Art photography covers a wide variety of subjects and the aim in all of them is to achieve aesthetic value. For instance, a nature photographer may produce some underwater pictures to create an art show based on sea life and a portrait photographer may bring black and white artistic portraiture in his/show.


It is considered as one of the oldest types of photography. Like any other type of photography, the goal of portraiture photography is also to capture the personality of the subject that can be either your family or pet.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a type of photography in which different types of photography blend. It involves qualities of documentary photography, portrait photography and also glamour photography. Stacy Smith Studios does wedding photography Rhode Island. Then when it comes to matrimonial celebrations, it’s evident that the presence of a photo booth significantly elevates the entertainment value. Guests love the spontaneity it brings, capturing moments with props and backgrounds that reflect the couple’s personalities. With options ranging from classic to contemporary, finding the right fit for your theme is a breeze. For those planning their big day, exploring Pictureblast’s wedding photo booth hire and other event solutions can offer a plethora of choices to make the occasion unforgettable.

Advertising Photography

Photography is an important part of advertising. So, many people opt to start their career as advertising photographer. It also involves the characteristics of macro and glamour photography.

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