Types of Lawyers

Published on: Jan 04 2011 by Shenron

Lawyers are trained and well qualified individuals who advise people about the law and represent them in the court and write legal documents. These individuals are certified from the government offer their assistance in legal matters to their clients. Lawyers can assist their clients in so many different legal matters such as property issues, criminal matters, and marital issues and many more. Lawyers also help their clients in resolving different issues in the court. There are several types of lawyers and each of them specialize in his/her areas of law. If you are not aware of the types of the lawyers, it may become hard for you to choose a right lawyer for your case. Let us have a look on types of the lawyers and their description of work.


Types of Lawyers

Administrative Lawyers:

Administrative lawyer is the one who supervise all the issues related to law which happen within the judicial system of a city. It is important to have a person who oversees all the things to stay in check according to the state’s law. It is better to get a degree in political science or in any other subject that helps you understand the American government, if you want to become an administrative lawyer. The degree in these subjects will help you in your law studies to enhance your knowledge about the political system of your state, city or town.

Asbestos Lawyers:

Asbestos is a fireproof material which was used excessively in the 70s and 80s in its subpar form by the builders to construct homes in United States. The use of subpar materials often led to asbestos eruptions inside the home and people fell ill. The job of asbestos lawyer is to bring the construction companies to court for their negligence in choosing material while building the homes and force the company to pay some compensation amount to the people affected by the asbestos infections. Asbestos lawyers may also practice other sections of law as there are not much of these cases to handle.

Assaults Lawyers:

As the name suggests, these lawyers specialize in handling the cases related to the criminal or civil attack. It is a matter of great concern that so many people are assaulted each day. Criminal assault lawyers or criminal defense lawyers represent their clients in the cases where they have been accused with criminal attack. Civil assault lawyers or physical injury lawyers represent their clients to reimburse any damage or losses caused by an assault. Assault lawyers normally have a working experience in a department of police before they become proficient in assault law. One should need to complete the law study before becoming eligible for the specialization. It is better to get a job in the police or detective department to have a better knowledge of the working conditions.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers:

Any insurance company is legally bound to operate under a good faith under a law. By good faith we mean that they have to pay the money to the deserving people. But it is seen most of the time that insurance companies reluctant to pay the deserved amount to their clients. In such cases, bad faith insurance lawyers come for the help of the people by filing a case against the insurance company in the court. Though, it is not that easy, bad faith lawyers are qualified enough to handle such cases and bring the companies to the court of law. Bad faith lawyers are the one who help the people to get the deserved payment.

Bankruptcy Lawyers:

Bankruptcy lawyers specialize in the area of law related to the matters regarding bankruptcy where the client doesn’t have enough money to pay back the loaned amount. People borrow money from banks on certain terms & conditions so as they can purchase things on credit and people have to pay back this money over a time in easy monthly installments. But often the situation arises when people cannot be able to pay back the money to the bank and announce bankruptcy. Being bankrupt is a state where one has no possessions or cash to pay off their bills. Bankruptcy lawyers represent such people in the court where their aim is to prove this fact that their client is by no means able to pay his/her debt to the bank.

Birth Injury Lawyers:

These lawyers come under the field of medical malpractice law. Birth injury lawyers are the one who deal with the cases in which an injury take places inside the delivery room during the child birth. The injury can be of any sort such as from small wound to any major surgical injury. These lawyers file case against the concerned hospitals to pay the compensation amount to the patient for the damage caused by their negligence. The field of medical malpractice law is perhaps the most profitable form of law where you can get cases all year around.

Boating Accident Lawyers:

Likecars, boats also have accidents but in the water. Boating accident lawyer deals with the cases related to boating accidents. Unlike car accidents where the accident occurs within the certain territory, boating accidents often occur in international waters. It is often become difficult for the boating lawyers to prove their point in the court as most of the countries’ laws extend 20 to 30 miles offshore. Therefore we can say that boating accidents have a bit different legal domains than other accident cases.

Brain Injury Lawyers:

Brain injury law is a law that comes under the medical malpractice layer categories. Brain injury lawyers are actually medical malpractice lawyers who provide services to the people with brain injury. Medical malpractice lawyers specialize in specific fields related to medical field and perform their duties. If one cannot afford to hire a brain injury lawyer, he or she can take services of a medical malpractice lawyer. Brain injury lawyers’ job is to analyze the medical records of the client and proceed accordingly in the court to claim compensation for the client.

Business Lawyers:

Business lawyers as the name suggests, assists you in the business matters. Either you are running a business or planning to start a new business, you always need to take help from the business lawyers to have a clear knowledge about your limitations and your rights. These lawyers are well trained and qualified in matters related to different types of businesses and very much capable of assisting people belong to different types of businesses. One can also take help from the business lawyers in the matters of taxes.

Car Accident Lawyers:

Car accident lawyers deal with the cases where the insurance companies are unable to patch up the debt between car victims. The job of the car accident lawyers is to claim for the damages and payment for the injuries on client’s behalf. They have to prove in the court that the other party is responsible for making all this mess. Becoming a car accident lawyer is a profitable profession as you can get such cases throughout the entire year.

Celebrex Lawyers:

Celebrex is a drug used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and ankylosing spondylitis, and for the management of acute pain in adults. But it is discovered that the use of drug raised the chances of heart attack amongst the individuals who take it. Due to this very fact, Celebrex was recalled by the company Pfizer few years back. The job of the Celebrex lawyer is to bring the company to the court to compensate for health damage caused by consuming Celebrex. Celebrex lawyer is qualified enough to handle these cases and there are pretty much chances you will get the compensation in the form of money for the side affects or other illnesses from the Pfizer.

Ceoxx Lawyers:

Ceoxx is an anti-inflammatory drug that was used excessively in the past. Recently, it was discovered that Ceoxx had many adverse affects on the human body, including the heart attack. The drug was then recalled by the company. Ceoxx lawyers help the people who have been suffered an injury or have heart attack as a result of Ceoxx drug. Their aim is to bring the company to the court to settle the case by compensating for the damage done.

Cerebral Palsy Lawyers:

These lawyers also come under the primary field of medical malpractice law. Medical malpractice law covers many different areas in which you can specialize. Cerebral palsy lawyers come into action when anybody is mistreated by the hospital or hospital show irresponsible, irrational and careless attitude towards the patients of cerebral palsy. They often recoup damages incurred by the medical staff for showing negligence towards the patients of cerebral palsy.

Child Support Lawyers:

The job of the child support lawyer is to ensure that the child receives enough care after the separation of their parents. Perhaps, children are the one who suffered a lot because of their parents’ separation. It is the job of the judge to decide which party will take the responsibility of the child expenses after divorce. Child support lawyers deal with the cases involving the child support or child custody matters. They represent their clients in the court to claim that the other party should bear the expenses of the child. Judge can order any of them to pay off more than half of the expenses of the child in the form of written check or any other feasible way.

Civil Lawyers:

All the issues and disputes related to the domestic and civil matters are dealt by the civil lawyers. Generally, civil lawyers are trained to handle all aspects of law and are not specialized in any certain field. They have a fair knowledge and training to handle anything from the settlement of a lost dog to the damaged property’s recovery. Like any other lawyer, it is prerequisite to complete a law school to become a civil lawyer, but no specialized training or focus on any particular area of law such as criminal law. In simple words we can say that any matter that is not formally called as crime is dealt by civil lawyers.

Compensation Lawyers:

Compensation lawyers are the one who deal with the workers compensation matters. It is often happened that an employee sustain an injury while on job and incapable of working, e.g. if an employee breaks his arm while attempting to lift a weighty box while on the job. In such cases, an employee is eligible for workers compensation. Companies often hesitate or even decline to pay the workers compensations to that injured worker and the lawyer has to intervene to resolve the matter between the company and an employee. Compensation lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the business tricks and trade and are much capable of handling such cases. Compensation lawyer pays special attention to all the details to claim for the workers compensation in the court.

Construction Lawyers:

Different countries follow their own different building codes and laws which a builder has to follow before erecting a building. Sometimes the process is so complex that a builder has to wait for months to start working on their building projects. In order to have a better idea about these building codes and laws, builders seek help from the construction lawyers who are well versed in their field and have a good knowledge about the construction law and guide the construction companies. Construction lawyer helps the builder to run through the entire legal process quickly and easily. Construction lawyers also have a vast knowledge about the civil law which becomes handy while dealing with the construction law.

Corporate Lawyers:

He who deals with the corporation law is known as corporate lawyer. In United States, there are above 50,000 corporations working. The job of a corporate lawyer is to supervise all the transactions done between corporations and make certain that the entire business transactions are made within the law. The duties of the corporate lawyers differ from city to city or state to state. For example, in the New York City, a corporate lawyer may take care of a single business deal for a month or two at a time, while a lawyer in a city like Idaho, he may take care of small monetary affairs like real estate, will write etc.

Credit Lawyers:

Nowadays, most of the businesses in the world run on credit. Most of the people do their shopping through credit. But in doing so, they often put themselves in a trouble by spending too much than their credit limits. Credit lawyers come to help those people in the court to settle the dispute between the companies and the client. The job of the credit lawyer is to represent his client in the court and prove the fact that his client is not is a position to make any payments. A credit lawyer forces the companies to reduce the amount of owed money which you have to pay in monthly installments. Sometimes, credit lawyers also go after the companies advertising the forged interest rates to their clients and demanding more interest rate than the legal rate.

Criminal Lawyers:

All the criminal cases are dealt by a criminal lawyer. Everything that is labeled as crime is supervised by criminal lawyers. It is a matter of common experience or you might have seen in the movies that the people who are accused of crimes, given the choice to represent themselves in a court or hire a lawyer. Sometimes, a court assigns a criminal lawyer to represent the convicted person who has already been arrested. Criminal lawyers make sure that the client is represented in an honest way and for this he gathers all the evidences and facts to prove in the court that his client is innocent and didn’t commit the crime.

Debt Lawyers:

People often find themselves surrounded by a heavy debt of different kinds such as in the form of house payment, loan or car payment. No one wants to lead a life with having a heavy debt on his/her shoulder. So, the only people who can help them getting out of this problem are debt lawyer. A debt lawyer is a person who consults all the creditors and tries to settle on a point to reduce the monthly payments for their clients. Though, it is perhaps impossible for them to eliminate all of your debt, but they do their best to make things easy for their clients. It is better to seek help from a debt lawyer instead of waiting for things to get worst.

Defense Lawyers:

Defense lawyer helps the people who are accused of committing a crime or sued by another person. Where prosecuting lawyer represents the plaintiff, defense lawyer represents either the a client or state. The job of the defense lawyer is to prove in the court that his client isn’t guilty as he/she didn’t indulge in any crime. It is important for a defense lawyer to keep his nerves cool and handle the case with honesty.

Disability Coverage Lawyers:

In most of the countries, Social Security Fund is established to help the people with any kind disability. However, it is a complex task to claim once disability to obtain their share from the fund. Only those people who get injured and incapable of doing work are the eligible candidates for the disability coverage. Disability coverage lawyers represent and help their clients throughout the process such as taking care of your paperwork, having a closer look on the advancement of your application. Disability coverage lawyers’ job is to help their clients in making things easier and smoother for them.

Discrimination Lawyers:

Discrimination still prevails in this world in its different forms. One such common form is the workplace discrimination. Many people face this problem while working in an organization or company. Discrimination lawyers are the one who help the victims of workplace discrimination. There can be many reasons for this discrimination such as race, gender and so on. The victims of workplace discrimination are eligible for compensation under the law. Discrimination lawyers represent their clients in the court against the organization or an individual that discriminated against them and try to get the deserved compensation for their clients. The court may grant you the position you have applied for or may be in the form of money.

Divorce Lawyers:

Divorce or separation is a legal end of marriage. In divorce, the couple is splitting up for one or another reason. Divorce lawyers are the one who handle the cases where a couple wants to end their relationship. It is important to mention here that divorce lawyers represent a single party or client and the other client hire another divorce lawyer. So, in the court a divorce lawyer stands up against another divorce lawyers. The duty of divorce lawyers just not end here as he has to look over certain aspects such as, he has to make sure that who possesses what in split during divorce or have a closer look of the prenuptial agreements in order to figure out the ownership of belongings or property. The job of the divorce lawyer is to prove in the court that the pair is hostile, incompatible mismatched and inharmonious with each other and is therefore they should separated or split.

Dog Bite Lawyers:

Dog bite lawyers are well versed in the field of civil law and are therefore also called civil lawyers. Their job is to collect the evidences and determine whether the event happened due to the negligence of the dog owner or not. A dog bite lawyer closely examines and analyzes all the circumstances and decides the legality of the claim. There are very rare instances where you are entitled to compensation for dog bite. But, dog bite lawyers do their best to look over the evidences and prove to the court that you are entitled for the compensation. If you want to be a dog bite lawyer, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge about the civil law. You need to be well versed with the citizens’ rights so that you can claim for the compensation.

DUI Lawyers:

DUI is an acronym for ‘driving under influence’, which means drunk driving or driving while intoxicated. This is considered as a severe offense in almost every country because it not always endangers your life but also the life of other people on the road. DUI lawyers are the one who represent their clients who are charged with DUI offense. In most of the cases, if you are charged with drunk driving then you will be sent for serving time. DUI lawyer here prove to the court by implying his knowledge and skills that you don’t deserve the time that you are issued with. The hard work of DUI lawyers often work miracles, as they lessen the serving time by convincing the court.

DWI Lawyers:

For most of the people, DUI and DWI are the name of one thing. However, this is in fact not the case for DUI lawyers and DWI lawyers vary a great deal. Driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated are two separate phenomena. DUI charges can be given to people who are found guilty of any illegal activity while driving. DWI charges can be given to the people found under the influence of alcohol. One can be charged with DUI and DWI under a same ticket because he/she is driving under influence and driving while intoxicated at the same time. If you are charged with DUI (of alcohol) then it is better to hire a DWI lawyer than DUI lawyer. It is important to specialize in traffic laws, if you want to be a DWI lawyer. This is the only way to get familiar with the traffic rules and laws and also with the charges a citizen can charge with on the road. By having good knowledge about all these things, you can become a good DWI lawyer.

Employment Lawyers:

Employment lawyers are closely related to the workers compensation lawyer or discrimination lawyer. Employment lawyers help their clients who are having difficulty in getting a job for some obvious reasons such as discrimination etc. employment lawyer works for the rights of potential employees and their goal is to ensure that everyone is getting an equal opportunity. If at any place a potential employee complains of not having an equal opportunity, HKM employment lawyers come for help.

Environmental Lawyers:

Environmental Lawyers work on behalf of environmental organizations with a goal of saving wildlife and rain forests from destruction. Environmental disasters seem to happen more frequently with the increasing population and industrial sector. Changes are inescapable and it is our duty to at least restrict them. It is often seen that the companies bypass the rules or system by paying off government officials for their projects. If the environmental organizations find the project harmful for the wildlife or for the over all environment, they seek help from the environmental lawyers to restrict the companies from harming the environment. These lawyers are well trained and qualified in their filed and know how to tackle different cases.

Estate Planning Lawyers:

If you want to keep your family safe from the complex and complicated legal practices, it is a good idea to have a proper estate plan and will signed before you pass away. Your will plays an important role after your death because it is the only legal proof to show who is going to take the charge of your belongings. Estate planning lawyers are not only help you in devising your will, but also represent you in the court of law after your death. Estate planning lawyers are well trained in the law related to the estate planning. They help you determine the worth of all your possessions and how they should be segmented under law. In case of your death, they represent you in the court and make certain that everything goes according to the estate plan proposed by you.

Family Lawyers:

They are competent and well-trained lawyers who are well versed with the laws related to divorce, child custody and many others. They are trained so to perform multitask when it comes to the cases related to different family. It is a bit expensive to hire divorce lawyers and a child custody lawyers separately to handle the cases of divorce and child custody respectively. You can hire a family lawyer who offers you wide range of services related to all family matters. Family lawyers have a extensive knowledge about things and they have a good grasp on the subjects of divorce and child custody laws. It is better to gain some experience by working with the firms dealing with the divorce cases and child custody cases after your law school.


Fraud Lawyers:

Fraud lawyers are well trained and competent in handling the cases related to fraud. Either you are a sufferer of fraud or charged with fraud, fraud lawyer is the only one who can help you. Under the cap of fraud lawyers, we have consumer fraud lawyers, where a lawyer represents the clients in high-status cases filed against huge companies or associations. Fraud lawyers need to be well trained and well versed in their field because they need to stand up against the sturdy legal team. The focus of the companies is to entice the consumers and make money and often taking advantage of their consumers by misguiding them. Fraud lawyers analyze the circumstances and evidences and plan their strategy accordingly to fight against these strong companies. It is very beneficial, if you are up with business background in order to become a good fraud lawyer as this will help you understanding the fine points of the business quite well.

Green Card Lawyers:

The immigration laws in America are quite complex. So, many people find it difficult to handle the problem arises regarding green card issues. Green card lawyers represent their clients who are either want to get a green card or settle any issue related to the green card in the court. Green card lawyer help their clients to understand their privileges as a green card holder. In the US, the laws are somewhat varied for the green card holders and immigrants. So, the best way to understand legal aspects, seek help from the green card lawyer.

Health Insurance Lawyers:

Insurance companies are bound to pay the client to pay off their medical bills but it is often noticed that insurance companies show hesitancy when it comes to pay for the medical expenses. Health insurance companies are reluctant as a result of the prevailing fraud inside the insurance claims. Unfortunately, under such circumstances many deserving people with real medical disorder don’t get their health insurance coverage as the companies deny their claims for insurance payment. Legally, every person who pays their insurance bills is entitled to insurance money, but insurance companies hesitate when it comes to pay the clients. Here, insurance lawyers intervene and fight for the rights of their clients. They prove in the court that their client is a much deserving for the insurance money and the company should pay the insured amount their clients showing good faith.

Hedge Funds Lawyers:

A lot of paperwork is required while creating a hedge fund. A hedge fund is basically a team of investors who work as a single entity. However, there are opportunities for other investors to connect with the hedge fund in order to get benefit from the profitable business. The job of the hedge fund lawyers is to manage and supervise all the paperwork required for admitting the new investors into a current hedge fund or into a recently established fund. Hedge fund lawyers are well trained in investment law and the market strategies. They are in the good position to guide you about the legal importance of your trade.

Immigration Lawyers:

As the name suggests, immigration lawyers deal with cases regarding immigration laws. The immigrants are normally issued a green card or a work permit on their arrival to United States. People are not aware of their legal rights to live in the United States with having a green card or visa. A green card and visa is a legal permission granted to the immigrants to live in the United States for the mentioned time period. If you are having any problem regarding your immigration matters, you can consult immigration lawyer who will not only help you come out of your trouble but also inform you your legal rights an immigrant in the United States. Immigration lawyers normally work collectively as a team to resolve the disputes between the immigrants and the immigration department.

Injury Lawyers:

There are certain situations where one gets injured as the result of someone else’s negligence or you are the injured party of assault. In such cases, one may be eligible for compensation. Injury lawyers help their clients in getting justice and represent in the court of law to prove that they are injured because of the negligence and carelessness of any other person. Injury lawyers normally have very good background knowledge of the civil law as well as criminal law because most of the assault cases come under the criminal law. It is therefore necessary for a lawyer to have a good knowledge about the cases of the criminal law.

Insurance Lawyers:

Perhaps, the insurance lawyers are the busiest people out there because with so many different insurance companies people often get baffled about their rights as a client. Insurance lawyers are well trained and skilled enough to handle all the cases related to the insurance matters. Insurance policies are offered in variety of different ways such as car insurance, health insurance etc and insurance lawyers are capable of handling all of them. However, there are lawyers who specialize in any one area of insurance law. In general, you can hire an insurance lawyer to settle your dispute with insurance companies. Insurance lawyers also help you in filling a claim form which is quite complex and complicated.

Intellectual Property Lawyers:

Intellectual property, a term used to define concept that cannot be created in a physical state or form such as music, movies, or any other shows. The job of intellectual property lawyers is to represent the media companies and consumers who are the victim of theft of intellectual property. Intellectual property lawyers fight for the rights of their clients on the theft of their intellectual property which can be in the form of downloading or selling the pirated copies of their music or movies. Copyright lawyers and intellectual lawyers work in collaboration to figure out the legitimacy of the replication of intellectual property.

International Lawyers:

You have often seen people fighting for their rights in the court and countries too represent them in the court of laws to settle down their disputes against each other. These disputes are often related to international laws and are dealt by international lawyers. International disputes like those occur in the international waters or disputes between provinces or different countries are overseen by international lawyers. International lawyers are well-trained and well versed with the legal system of different countries so that he or she will represent their country in the court of law with competency. For instance, if a dispute involving two parties where one party belongs to Europe and the other belongs to USA, a lawyer needs to have a good grasp of the legal system of both the countries as laws are entirely different in both countries are entirely different.

Labor and Unemployment Lawyers:

Labor and unemployment lawyers deal with cases related to the disputes between employees and their employers. Often companies or employers for one or another false reason let you go or fire you. In such case, employee has the legal right to bring their employer to the court rooms. Labor and unemployment lawyers represent their clients in the court and fight for the rights of their clients. Labor and unemployment lawyers are the best people to bring the dispute employee and employer to a settlement.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers:

Where law firms or lawyers fight for the rights of the people, they often fail to represent their clients in the court properly. A legal malpractice is a term that refers to the inadequate services of the law firms or lawyers on behalf of their clients. If at any time a lawyer or a law firm ‘drops the ball’ on the case, you are very likely to entitled for a compensation amount. Legal malpractice lawyers help you to get this compensation by representing you in the court against the law firms or lawyers involved in negligence. Legal malpractice lawyers stand against other lawyers in the court and prove that they are guilty of taking their clients’ case casually or improperly and are bound to compensate their clients.

Life Insurance Lawyers:

Life insurance lawyers deals with the cases regarding life insurance policies. Life insurance lawyers not only help you choosing a right insurance policy for you but also represent you in the court after your demise when it comes to claim for money from the life insurance companies as these companies are reluctant to make payment to the clients. It is not necessary to hire a life insurance lawyer to file a case against the insurance company. Life insurance lawyers have a thorough training of the life insurance system and policies and guide their clients to understand the terms and conditions properly before taking any policy, so that they will get the maximum benefit from it.

Litigation Lawyers:

Litigation is a term used to refer to law suit or legal action. The cases of litigation are normally tedious and take too much time to end. The first priority of the litigation lawyers is to settle the dispute between the two parties outside the court rooms through negotiations. Litigation lawyers are the one with strong base of corporate law because most of the litigation cases are filed against the corporations. Litigation lawyers try their best to resolve the problem for an undisclosed monetary amount outside the court. However, if the parties don’t reach an agreement, litigation lawyer file a case against the corporation in the court to prove that their clients deserve the compensation because corporation has done wrong to him.

Long Term Disability Lawyers:

Long term disability is nothing a fun sort of thing. There are so many people in the world living with different kind of long-term disabilities. People with long-term disability are entitled to get the insurance money for their proper treatment or for the legal rights. Long-term disability lawyer helps such people to get the insurance payment for which they are entitles and also fights for their legal rights in the society. They make sure that their clients get the deserved amount from the insurance companies for their proper treatment. Long term disability lawyer should have knowledge in variety of different fields of law to cope with different problems and conditions related to disable people.

Malpractice Lawyers:

Malpractice can be of different types. It can range from legal malpractice to nursing home malpractice. Malpractice lawyers get an extensive training in multitude of different areas to deal with the cases of malpractice. Malpractice lawyers can handle cases related to different forms of malpractice such as medicine; law etc. if you are not able to hire a lawyer related to that particular form of malpractice, general malpractice lawyer will be there to help you.

Marine Lawyers:

Marine law is perhaps one of the difficult fields of the law and to become a marine lawyer is even tougher. It is tougher because it not only involves the regular training as a lawyer but also involve an extensive training in the ‘Uniform Code of Military Justice’. Marine lawyers need to have a comprehensive understanding of the maritime and military law to be a competent marine lawyer. Whenever a soldier or a recruit is accused of crime, Marine Corps lawyers help them to prove their innocence in the trial. The trials of military men and those of ordinary people are far different from each other.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers:

Although, medical practitioners and hospitals are often charged for medical malpractice, it is important to know that these medical malpractices occur because of negligence or forgetfulness and not preplanned. Negligence can be of any type from leaving an instrument inside the body after surgery to leave the hands unwashed while treatment. Every now and then doctors and hospitals pay million of dollars as a compensation amount for minor mistakes. In the recent few years, it has been noticed that the doctors and hospitals are charged for outlandish and ridiculous cases. The courts have now begun to reject such cases and it has become difficult to prove your point. Medical malpractice lawyers now carefully read the cases and gather evidences and thoughtfully file the case.

Medical Negligence Lawyers:

Many people think that medical malpractice lawyers and medical negligence lawyers are the same. In fact, these both forms are far different from each other. Medical malpractice lawyers cover the entire fields involving hospital abuse to the patients, while medical negligence lawyers deals with the cases of negligence or forgetfulness of the medical staff. If you feel that you have incurred damage because of medical negligence, you can hire a medical negligence lawyer to represent you in the court to claim compensation for the damages and injuries.

Mesothelioma Lawyers:

Mesothelimia is a form of deadliest cancer. The material like asbestos often causes this cancer to happen. Mesothelimia lawyer along with asbestos lawyer file case against the company for the damage that is not only done to your health but also for the damage done to your home. Mesothelimia lawyers prove in the court that the companies intentionally used the subpar material while the construction of the home and need to be punished for their act. In most of the cases, court orders the companies to pay the compensation amount to the people whose home and health are affected by the use of subpar material in the construction.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers:

As the name suggests, motor vehicle lawyers cover the cases that involve damage to vehicles. Typically, accident involves two vehicles and those two parties are responsible for settling up the liability them. Often accidents involve damage to the vehicles and injuries to the passengers as well. If you have sustained any injuries in accident, you can file a case against the other party with the help of motor vehicle accident lawyers. Motor vehicle lawyers stand for you in the court of law to prove that the other party is accountable for the accident and is legally bound to pay compensation money to their clients.

Nursing Home Lawyers:

Nursing homes are often involved in nursing home malfunctioning. The nursing home staff mistreats or misbehaves with the residents of the nursing home. Most of these elderly residents are not even capable of standing for themselves in the court. A nursing home lawyer represents these elderly people in the court so that they could get a proper care and attention through their last phase of life. Nursing home lawyer need to have good listening skills so that he can comprehend the problem properly and act accordingly.

Patent Lawyers:

Patent lawyers normally help their clients to put their idea in action and get it registered with the patent office in the United States. There are several people coming up with different ideas everyday and often a dispute arises when other people also want to register the same idea under their name. Patent lawyers help their clients to avoid reaching this stage work to preserve the uniqueness of the clients’ revolutionary idea.

Patient Lawyers:

Patient lawyers stand for the people who are in the hospitals or on bed and cannot go on their own to the court. Patient lawyers help such people by representing them in the court. Patient lawyers need to have an excellent comprehension and listening skills so that they know exactly what the client is hoping for. The patient may want to accuse the hospital for medical malpractice or just want any other thing to be done before their final breath. Patient lawyers are more precisely work like a guideline lawyers to help their clients.


Personal Injury Lawyers:

Personal injury lawyers represent the people in the court rooms who receive injury just because of the negligence or ignorance of other person. The job of the personal injury lawyer is to prove in the court that their client was injured by the opposing party. It is quite difficult for the lawyers to prove their points in the court, but they gather evidences and proofs to prove their point in the court room.

Property Insurance Lawyers:

People buy property insurance to make this thing certain that if damage done to their property ever, they can recover the lost money. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay back the insurance amount to their clients. Property insurance lawyers are trained in the insurance law and are a best option in this scenario to seek help from. Property insurance lawyers represent you in the court against the insurance company who is reluctant in paying back the deserved amount.

Real Estate Lawyers:

So many people involved in buying and selling a home or other property every single day. Real estate transactions are normally carried out under the supervision of real estate lawyers. Real estate law is the hardest and toughest specialties of the law as it involve the understanding of civil law and of course real estate law along with the old by laws of homeowners associations in the state. If you want to become a real estate lawyer, you have chosen the most lucrative profession.

Securities Lawyers:

All the transactions that are made in the open stock market are governed by the securities and trade commission in the United States. If at any time you get stuck in a legal trouble related to the trading of shares or insider trading, the best option is to seek help from the securities lawyer. Securities lawyers get extensive training in the law regarding trading of shares or stock market. They help you to get out of your problem in a more appropriate and legal way.

Sexual Contact Lawyers:

Sexual harassment is a matter of common observation at workplace or anywhere else. There are so many instances where women are sexually tormented by their coworkers, or by any other person with whom they interact on regular basis. There are strict laws for sexual violation and are handled carefully and seriously by the courts. Sexual contact lawyers represent the cases of sexual harassment or sexual violation in the court room. They represent their clients in the court and try to prove that their clients are sexually violated. The cases of sexual violation don’t take much to end. So, it is important for the accuser to make certain that the person against whom they are filing a case is indeed accountable for the crime. In sexually violation cases, the court usually goes with the accusing party and fine the accused person to pay the compensation amount along with punishment.

Social Security Lawyers:

In the US, the Social Security system is one of the most intricate organizations. If you want to demand Social Security from the government of United States, you need to hire a Social Security lawyer. A Social Security lawyer is well known about the legal system and will guide you under the light of his experience and knowledge to get what you are eligible for. It is hard to deal with the Social Security system without getting the help from Social Security lawyer. He is the person who can represent you well prepared and with all the required homework in the court room.

Software Lawyers:

Software lawyers are well-trained and well qualified in the field of intellectual property and copyright law. People often try to copy your idea and become a contender. You can take help from software lawyers to protect your idea and prevent illegal copying of your software. Software lawyers have a thorough knowledge of all the issues related to intellectual property theft or copying your content illegally or distributing the pirated copies of it. So, a software lawyer can be a person that represent you in the court and fight for your rights.

Tax Fraud Lawyers:

Tax fraud lawyers generally represent the people in the court who have been charged with tax fraud by the Internal Revenue Service. The job of the tax fraud lawyer is to prove in the court that there were no malicious intentions behind not paying the tax and you are not running away from the tax. Those who found responsible for tax fraud can be busted or put to jail. Tax fraud is a serious crime under the law, and if you provide false information in the tax document, it will consider as an offense. It is important to hire a tax fraud lawyer immediately after you have been accused of tax fraud to avoid these problems.

Tax Lawyers:

Tax fraud lawyers only deal with the cases related to tax fraud, whereas tax lawyers help their clients in all matters related to tax. Tax lawyers have a thorough knowledge about tax system and can provide you answer to every single question related to tax matters. Tax lawyers guide you and help you with all the paperwork required to start a new business or other tax matters with an existing business.

Trademark Lawyers:

Trademark is a distinguishing symbol/feature or characteristic used by people or companies for their item. Trademark can be anything, a symbol, a name, or even an idea. You have to register your trademark in a record to make sure that each time a term/ phrase or symbol is taken, it would be direct reference to your trademark sign. Trademarks are excessively used in the corporate word. Trademark lawyer help you register your trademark properly and take action against companies or people who used it as their own trademark sign. Trademark lawyers also represent their clients in the court against the trademark violation.

Traffic Lawyers:

They are specialized in the traffic law and represent the people in the court who are wrongly given a ticket by traffic police for one or another reason.  Most of the cases that are handled by the traffic lawyers are the one of speeding ticket charge. Traffic lawyers although, try their best to fight against your charge in the court, but don’t make any guarantees as courts usually take the side of the traffic wardens. A good traffic lawyer can win the case over a traffic ticket by presenting some solid reasons in the court.

Trial Attorneys:

Trial lawyers or attorneys are the one who stand for you in the court, if you are involved in litigation, either criminal or civil. Trial lawyers have an excellent command over various areas of law and the entire courtroom process. They direct their clients about the courtroom processes and defense their clients during the trial dates. The job of a trial lawyer is to do their best to defend their clients in the courtroom.


Truck Accident Lawyers:

Truck accident lawyers are specialized in the truck accidents and are quite different in their proceedings from car accident lawyers. Trucks are usually owned by large companies and drivers work for these companies, so the companies interfere whenever an unwanted incident happens. In such cases drivers are warned by the companies and truck accident lawyers help the truck companies to make them understand their legal rights and also guide them to keep their drivers safe from any legal charges.

Trustmark Claim Lawyers:

Trustmark is an insurance company that deals with the long-term disability cases and offer full insurance policies for the long-term disabled and handicapped people. The company is legally bound to pay the insurance claims to their clients. Recently, it has come to known that Trustmark is involved in unjust business practices and not paying the insurance claims to the deserving people. Trustmark lawyers help the people who are victim of the Trustmark’s unjust practices. Trustmark claim lawyers represent clients in the court and lay emphasis on the court to direct the company to pay the compensation amount to the client.

Vioxx Lawyers:

Vioxx is a drug manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, Merck. The drug is made for relieving arthritis pain and muscle discomfort. Vioxx drug is banned due to its severe side effects including the heart attack. It is believed that over 27,000 heart attack cases happened during the productions years of Vioxx. The investigation reports exposed that the drug was improperly made and without much clinical research. All the people who have been affected by Vioxx are legally entitled for compensation. Vioxx lawyers help people to get the compensation amount who have been affected as a result of Vioxx drug.

Workers Compensation Lawyers:

If you are the one who receive injury while on job, you are entitled for workers compensation. However, if the injury is caused by your own stupidity, no compensation will be given. Sometimes, companies are reluctant to pay the workers compensation to the worker who receives injury while doing some official work such as, you lifted a heavy box and have broken your arm while on job. Workers compensation lawyers help you claim the workers compensation through court against your company or employer.

Wrongful Death Lawyers:

Wrongful death lawyers represent the cases related to the wrongful death of any person. Relatives or family members can hire the wrongful death lawyers to represent wrongful death lawsuit to civil court. Accusing someone of criminal charge of murder is far different from blaming someone of letting a wrongful death happen. Murder is purely a malicious intent, while a wrongful death is a death occurs by negligence or accident. If your relative or family member died a wrongful death, you can represent them in the court through your lawyer. The job of the wrongful death lawyers is to help the family of the deceased by getting them compensation and recovery of any other losses.

Zyprexa Lawyers:

Few years back, Zyprexa was used to treat the symptoms of psychotic conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorders. The drug was recalled because of having severe and deadliest side effects. It was perhaps the most awful drug among other drugs that have been recalled. Many of the people who used Zyprexa, fell victim of diabetes and some of them experienced diabetes induced heart attacks. Zyprexa has unlimited numbers of side effects and ailments which the users had suffered from. The most severe and fatal side effect was the diabetes induced heart attacks. There is nothing unusual that hundreds of million dollars have been claimed in compensation already. Zyprexa lawyers help the people whose loved ones have suffered as a result of Zyprexa. Zyprexa lawyers represent them in the court and help them getting the compensation claim against the company.

Above are given the types of lawyers, who perform their legal practices within their specialized field of law and help the people seeking help in their respective specialized field. Becoming a lawyer requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you want to become a lawyer, some of the useful tips are given below.

How to Become a Lawyer

If you want to become a lawyer, you need to develop or improve certain skills in you right from your school days such as, comprehension skills, listening skills, communication skills, reasoning skills etc. first you have to complete your four year undergraduate degree in any subject. Next, you have to pass LSAT test (Law School Admission Test) in order to get into a law school. There you have to spend three years to get your law degree. During the 2nd and 3rd year of your law school, you are allowed to choose the subjects or area in which you want to specialize. A lot of hard work and independent study is required to pass the law school. At the end of the law school, you have to pass the bar exam. You will get your license on successfully passing the bar exam and you can start practicing law in your desired area.

If you want to gain experience in your desired field of interest, the best way is to get internship in a law firm that deals in the cases related to your desired field of law. You will gain precious knowledge about the working environment and also give you a clear idea that how the experienced lawyers handle their cases in the court under different situations. Implementation of this experience in your professional career will make you a successful lawyer.

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