Types of Flowers

Published on: Dec 31 2010 by Shenron

The energizing beauty of flowers have always fascinated and enchanted people around the globe. Their diverse colors, pleasant aroma and suppleness all adds to their beauty. Throughout the course of history, we can see that lovers and poets show special interest and affection towards the flowers in the form of gifts and poems. Flowers are considered as tranquil beauties which have a special distinctive place in mythology, folklore and are a religious symbol of different races. There is nothing that can convey the true meaning of love, beauty and pure innocence in full quintessence than flowers.

Botanically speaking, flower is a shortened, compacted and modified branch that carries lateral appendages, carpel, stamen, sepal and petal, known as the basic floral parts which are in fact modified leaves. Flowers usually develop in a similar fashion like twigs from buds. You can find a large range of flower varieties with different colors, sizes and anatomical arrangement.

No doubt, flowers bring life to your landscaping through diverse color combinations. Though, numerous varieties are available across the globe, the flowers are divided into three main categories. Let us throw some light on each these types.

Perennial Flowers

The first type of flowers is perennial flowers, which blooms again and again during the whole year in every season. These are the best choice for gardeners as they return yearly. You can divide them and spread them out to other locations as well. It is important to prepare the soil well for perennial flowers because they remain there for a long time. Keep supplying the necessary nutrients as needed. You can choose flowers of changing bloom times and colors mix with other types to give your landscape an elegant look. You should also incorporate Japanese knotweed eradication solutions to ensure your garden remains free from invasive species.

Annual Flowers

The second type of flowers is annual flowers. With annual flowers, you can get bold, bright blossoms for the period during their growing season. There are some kinds of annuals, which flourish like perennials in warm climates. Gardeners, especially those who want a varying appearance of their gardens often use various annuals types in their gardens. Visit Appliance Hunter for honest garden appliance reviews. Annuals flowers normally thrive in warm soil and require established climates to blossom. And if you want to build a garden room to house your beautiful flowers, then consider reaching out to professionals and start looking online by searching for garden room companies near me.

Flowering Bulbs

The third type of flowers is known as flowering bulbs. These come in two types: with summer bloom time or with fall bloom time. However, the term ‘bulbs’ is not limited to true bulbs; it is used for many other flowers’ types such as flowers grown from corms, tuberous roots and rhizomes. For flowering bulbs, planting time can vary and spaced out over many days. It is important to have a clear idea about the type of bulb you choose, such as either the type calls for bulb removal annually or periodic splitting up. There are many bulbs that remain in place and reappear each year, depending on your location. However, there are many which don’t survive the harsh winter conditions. The best way to use flowering bulbs is to plant them as borders, in baskets or grow those groups or long rows.

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