Types of Short Story

Published on: Jan 26 2011 by Shenron

In literature, a short story is usually written in spoken language and often in plot design. This design is more critical or meaningful than the work of fiction such as short stories in the 20th and 21st century. The classification of short story consists of different in length to some extent amongst proficient writers, due somewhat in the domain to the disintegration of the means into variety. The genuine length of the short story is determined by the individual writer’s choice (or the story’s real demands in terms of its creative route) and the given principles which are relevant to the story’s real promotion as this short story design consist of an ample series of kinds and mode. Rules differ to a great extent among publishers.

Stories consist of variety of topics and subject matters similar to art which is of diverse forms.

Some stories comprise of ancient tales, humor, spoof, desire, life history, education, local shade and the past. Let us have a look on all of these discrepancies.

Ancient Tales

Ancient Tales have now a modern feature of storytelling in addition. For instance, The She-Wolf by Italian writer Giovanni Verga and Mres, Li’s Hair of Chinese writer Yeh Shao-Chun can be quoted in this regard.


The horror fantasy Bottle Party (1939) of the British writer John Collier, The Demon Lover (1941) of Irish author Elizabeth Bowen, and Tobermory of British author Saki reveal that fantasy is an art of imaginative characters which are being inspired by old tales and the supernatural.


Humorous stories bring enjoyment and fun into our life. Among the master-pieces in this field are: The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (1865) by Mark Twain, The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story (1894) by Joel Chandler Harris, Welty’s Petrified Man (1939) by Eudora and Dorothy Parker’s The Custard Heart (1939)- all from the American writers.


The evil and immorality of the society are highlighted by the Satire. The works of the Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler’s, in Fate of the Baron (1923), and American Mary McCarthy’s in The Man in the Brooks Brothers Shirt (1941) target many crimes prevailing in the society.

Education Story

The basic purpose of such stories is to guide and to enlighten the masses. The American educator Lionel Trilling’s book, Of This Time, of That Place (1944) is an excellent example of one such story.


The stories, in which the events of the past or someone’s life story are being narrated, come in the ambit of History. Welty’s Still Movement that is a 1943 story about a naturalist John James Audubon is classic example of historical stories.

Local Color

Different civilizations and societies have acquired certain colors from the influence of certain rulers. Even the lives of people living in smaller towns are described in some stories. For example, stories of George Washington Cable, Maria Edgeworth, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Mary Wilkins Freeman signify local colors.

These are several different types of stories written during the course of the history and are still written with all its glory. Nowadays stories have obtained different local colors and diversities depending upon representations, dialects, and language impressions. But the story writers can get along and be flexible in writing their stories.

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